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Welcome to the Runes of Magic Wiki,

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Game Features
Quests and Guides
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Races and Classes
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Equipment and Crafting
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Areas and Monsters
Regions and Cities
Ancient Kingdom of RorazanAotulia VolcanoAslan Valley
Coast of OpportunityDragonfang Ridge
Dustdevil CanyonElven Island
Howling MountainsLand of Malevolence
Limo DesertNorthern Janost Forest
Obsidian StrongholdRavenfell
Redhill MountainsSascilia Steppes
Savage LandsSilverspring
Southern Janost ForestTergothen Bay
Thunderhoof HillsVaranas
Weeping CoastXavieraYrvandis Hollows
Ystra Highlands
Instances and Raids
Aeternal CircleArcane Chamber of SathkurBarren Caves
Bloody GalleryBolinthya Rift
Cave of the Water DragonCyclops Lair
Dungeon of DalanisForsaken Abbey
Grafu CastleHall of Survivors
Hall of the Demon LordHeart of the Ocean
Kalin ShrineKawak's Tomb
Lair of the Demon DragonMystic Altar
Necropolis of MirrorsOrigin
Osalon ValleyPasper's Shrine
Raksha TempleRuins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom
Sardo CastleTaffrock Southern DistrictTreasure Trove
Tomb of the Seven HeroesVaranas Nightmare
Warnorken ArenaWindmill
Zurhidon Stronghold
AddOn Guides and Info