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Beginning with patch 7.0.2, you can trade a Zodiac Pet, plus some Draconeris, to get a Draco Pet and his Monster Compendium Card, or all 12 Dracos of the same age plus some more Draconeris to get a Mysterious Mount. Talk to Arthomon [Draco Keeper] about all things related to Draco Pets.

See Norah Kalesy at Varanas Gates in Silverspring to learn how to make a Zodiac Pet.

Star Stuff[edit | edit source]

All Festivals will have tasks or prizes that reward Elements, such as Fire Element Fire Element, and Draconaris. Elements are the lowest form of Star Stuff.

Each Festival rewards Elements and Draconaris of a specific attribute:

Pet Crystal - Earth Geo Draconaris  Earth: Pet Crystal - Wind Aero Draconaris  Wind: Pet Crystal - Fire Pyro Draconaris  Fire: Pet Crystal - Water Hydro Draconaris  Water:

Fusing Star Stuff[edit | edit source]

Use the Arcane Transmutor to fuse 3 of a Star Stuff into the next higher form.

Do NOT fuse ANYTHING until you know what you are doing and where you are going with it. You do not need Star Stones or Star Diamonds until you already have a Newborn or Adult! More importantly, you can BUY your Pet Crystal Pet Crystal with Elements ×100, so keep everything as Elements until you need them!

Patch 7.0.2 increased the Maximum Stack Size of all Stardusts, Star Sands, Star Stones, and Star Diamonds to 999.

The Four Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Earth: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo
  • Wind: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra
  • Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
  • Water: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

Making a Newborn Zodiac Pet[edit | edit source]

Newborn Aries Pet

To make a Newborn Zodiac Pet you need a Pet Crystal Pet Crystal with the name of the desired pet and Star Sand ×3 with the same attribute as the Star Sign of the Pet Crystal Pet Crystal.

Pet Crystals Pet Crystals can be obtained from the main Festival Manager of each festival. For instance, during the Snowflake Festival, Jack Shackleton [Snowflake Festival Manager] will exchange Goody-Goody Certificate Goody-Goody Certificate ×10 for Fire Element Fire Element ×15 and Andrew's Gift Box Andrew's Gift Box. Inside Andrew's Gift Box Andrew's Gift Box you MIGHT find a Aries Pet Crystal Aries Pet Crystal, Leo Pet Crystal Leo Pet Crystal, or Sagittarius Pet Crystal Sagittarius Pet Crystal.

If you would rather get only the Pet Crystal Pet Crystal you need, you can give Norah Kalesy Elements ×100 (all with the same attribute) and she will let you pick your Pet Crystal Pet Crystal. Just be sure that the attribute of the Pet Crystal Pet Crystal you trade for matches the attribute of the Star Sand ×3 you have ready to fuse to it!

Example: Fusing a Gemini Pet Crystal Gemini Pet Crystal and Wind Star Sand Wind Star Sand ×3 would create a Summoning Stone - Newborn Gemini Pet.

Note: Just an FYI, that's Element ×127 to make the Star Sand ×3 and buy the Pet Crystal Pet Crystal!

Upgrading a Zodiac Pet[edit | edit source]

To raise a Newborn into an Adult you need:

Norah Kelesy has no information on how to raise your Adult pet into any higher forms, but we happen to know that the progression is Newborn --> Adult --> Legendary.

To raise an Adult into a Legendary you need:

Secret Zodiac Dragons[edit | edit source]

If you get all 12 Newborn Zodiac Pets, all 12 Adult Zodiac Pets, or all 12 Legendary Zodiac Pets, you can present yourself to Norah Kalesy to be rewarded with a Secret Zodiac Dragon Pet Summoning Stone (Stage 1, 2 or 3, respectively).


  • You must have all 12 of the same age to get the 13th, so if you want the Secret pet don't upgrade any of your pets until you have all 12 of that age.
  • You can keep them in your Partner Bag until you are ready, but will need to remove them from the bag when you want to do the turn-in. You will get them all back when he gives you the 13th.
  • Once you have raised your 12 Newborns, gotten the 13th, and start raising the 12 to Adulthood, you can then make another Newborn. In the end, you CAN have 39 pets, but at minimum you would have the original 12, now raised to Legendary rank, and the 3 Dragons.

Zodiac Daily Buffs[edit | edit source]

Once per day, summoning a Zodiac Pet will get you a 3-hour buff, as follows:

  • NEWBORN Zodiac Pet: Star Spirit Blessing - Increase Combat XP and TP by 20%, increase Item Drop Rate by 20%
  • ADULT Zodiac Pet: Moon Spirit Blessing - Increase all attributes by 2% or Defense by 5% (varies by pet)
  • LEGENDARY Zodiac Pet: Sun Spirit Blessing - Increase all attributes by 3% or Defense by 10% (varies by pet)

Draco Pets[edit | edit source]

see also: Category:Draco Pets

Each Draconaris is available from festivals of the same Element, as shown in the table above.

Aero Draconaris
Hydro Draconaris
Geo Draconaris
Pyro Draconaris
Aero Draconaris Hydro Draconaris Geo Draconaris Pyro Draconaris

You may have noticed that the Draco Pets are all named for gods or Titans from Greek Mythology.

The same Festivals that give you Elements will also give you some Draconeris. Use these Draconeris, along with your complete Zodiac Pets, to trade with Arthomon [Draco Keeper] for a Draco Pet.

For example, here is the way to upgrade a Capricorn Zodiac Pet to a Crius Draco Pet:

Creation of a Draco Pet will delete the Zodiac Pet involved.

7 0 2 Dracos.jpg

This will also get you your new pet's Monster Compendium Card, such as Card - Newborn Phoebe Draco Card - Newborn Phoebe Draco (which adds +28 to your Magical Damage).

These cards will add an amount to your:

Older Draco Pet cards give a higher bonus.

Once a player has collected all 12 Draco pets of the same age (i.e. Newborn), they can exchange them for a mount of the same age.

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Mysterious Mounts[edit | edit source]

Collect all 12 Zodiac Pets of an age, then trade more Draconeris, to get a Mysterious Mount. He does not take the Draco Pets from you.

7 0 2 Mounts.jpg
  • Collect 12 different NEWBORN Draco Pets for a Chaos Mount
  • Collect 12 different ADULT Draco Pets for a Uranus Mount
  • Collect 12 different LEGENDARY Draco Pets for a Gaea Mount

Yes, these are the names of the eldest gods in Greek Mythology.

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