Ystra Highlands (Quest Series)

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Ystra Highlands (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneYstra Highlands
Rec. Levels30 to 40
Previous Aslan Valley
Dragonfang Ridge
Next Ystra Labyrinth
Dust Devil Canyon
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You must be at least level 30 to begin quests in this zone!

Epic Quests[edit | edit source]

There are 2 Epic Quest Series with Chapters that take place wholly or partially in Ystra Highlands

Vahtos' Apprentice[edit | edit source]

The following is transcluded from Vahtos' Apprentice (Quest Series)

Vahtos' Apprentice's - found in multiple places throughout three zones. This series rewards five pieces of non-bound Superior-quality jewelry. Obviously, you are not going to complete this series in Silverspring. See the links, below, to find all the pieces! All the Vahtos' Apprentice items do NOT become Bound and, when you outgrow it, you can give it to a younger friend or one of your alts. Even if every character on your accounts does not finish every one of these quests, you can eventually accumulate a complete set of Physical (Vahtos' Strike) and Magical (Vahtos' Spell) accessories for your new characters.

Silverspring[edit | edit source]

Cunning Necklace Cunning Necklace: Jill Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 64.2, 99.0 ) between Forsaken Abbey and Twilight Mine

  1. [16] Advice from Vahtos' Apprentice - Kill 25 Silvermane Hounds
  2. [17] A Monster's Favorite - Gather Excellent Boar Meat Excellent Boar Meat ×3
  3. [18][Group] Crafty Bernok - Kill Crafty Bernok

Aslan Valley[edit | edit source]

Turmoil Ring Turmoil Ring: Aida Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 70.7, 19.7 ) Qilana Camp

  1. [24][Group] Vahtos' Apprentice's Test - Fight the Strange Dragonfly, get info, and run away!
  2. [24] The Monster's Weakness - Gather materials from Silverspring and Aslan Valley
  3. [24][Group] Crazy Kiosade - Kill Crazy Kiosade

Bloodthirst Earring Bloodthirst Earring: Becky Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 56.4, 66.1 ) Tavern "The Distillery"

  1. [30] Vahtos' Apprentice's Premonition - Find the Dried-up Bear Corpse
  2. [30][Group] Joblid the Giant Flower - Kill Joblid the Giant Flower

Ystra Highlands[edit | edit source]

Rage Earring Rage Earring: Catherine Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 54.8, 32.7 ) Sea of Snow Camp

  1. [33] Vahtos' Apprentice's Goodwill - Kill 35 Frostwood Valley Cyclopes
  2. [33] The Amulet in the Monster Compendium - Get 10 Tree Roots Full of Power Tree Roots Full of Power from Ents in New Moon Forest (Aslan Valley)
  3. [33][Group] Angry Jekarce - Kill Angry Jekarce

Cruelty Ring Cruelty Ring: Jenny Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 39.0, 46.6 ) Foxtrack Cave

  1. [37] Master Vahtos' Talisman - Get 3 Excellent items from Necropolis of Mirrors and Tower of Wailing Wind
  2. [37] Materials for a Body Amulet - Get 3 items from Frostwood Valley and the Sea of Snow
  3. [40][Group] Witch Queen Lemislive - Kill Lemislive
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Dailies[edit | edit source]

Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Min.
Daily Quest End NPC POI †
Reindeer Ic High Quality Antler x10 29 [31][Daily] Strong Medicine Tanilof Harf Trading Post
Shaggy Snow Bear Ic Mysterious Essence x20 31 [33][Daily] Even More Mysterious Essence Anna Khalara Watchtower
Provided Ic Sea of Snow Supply 31 [33][Daily] Supplying the Sea of Snow Siping Sea of Snow Camp
Scattered Supply Ic Scattered Supply x10 32 [34][Daily] Supplying Winternight Valley Dors Winternight Valley Camp
Frostwood Valley Cyclops Ic Cyclops Horn x15 32 [34][Daily] The Cyclops Menace Shamar Harf Trading Post
Wild Berhu Ic Wild Berhu Meat x10 32 [34][Daily] Abundant Ingredients Elinov Harf Trading Post
Ystra Snow Ferret Kill 15 Ystra Snow Ferrets 34 [36][Daily] Annoying Snow Ferrets Arbus Harf Trading Post
Blackmane Fox Ic Soft Fox Pelt x15 33 [35][Daily] Fur Trade Tanilof Harf Trading Post
Minotaur Ic Minotaur Ornament x10 33 [35][Daily] Minotaur Trinkets Hadley Khalara Watchtower
Ystra Winter Spider Ic Ice-cold Body Fluid x10 35 [37][Daily] Winter Spider Specimen Andrea Winternight Valley Camp
Spirit of Samoge Ic Imprisoned Spirit of Samoge 40 [45][Group Daily] Battle for Mystery Harde Harf Trading Post

† All Dailies here start in Harf Trading Post at the Harf Trading Post Bulletin Board except for Even More Mysterious Essence and Battle for Mystery.

None of the items are bound so you are free to pass on unused leftovers to your younger characters.

Arctic Training Battalion[edit | edit source]

Joey KlongenLaura FebreyRoss BeteKendo HanksMary-Ann LewinskyRachel Greng

  1. [31] Challenge of the Arctic Training Battalion - Find Laura Febrey at Khazor's Watchtower
  2. [33] Retrieve Rations - Gather Food Rations Food Rations ×10 along the road through Frostwood Valley
  3. [33] Report to Instructor of the Second Stage - Report to Ross Bete at Harf Trading Post
  4. [34] Berhus out of Control - Kill 15 Wild Berhu in Frostwood Valley
  5. [34] Report to Instructor of the Third Stage - Report to Kendo Hanks in the Sea of Snow
  6. [34] Harsh Sea of Snow - Tell Laura Febrey that Kendo Hanks is injured
  7. [34] Report to Instructor of the Fourth Stage - Report to Mary-Ann Lewinsky at Sea of Snow Camp
  8. [35] Enough Courage to Survive - Obtain Winter Spider Poison Winter Spider Poison ×20 from Ystra Winter Spiders in Sea of Snow
  9. [35] Report to Instructor of the Fifth Stage - Report to Rachel Greng at Winternight Valley Camp
  10. [35] A Black and White World - Kill 15 Sea of Snow Cyclopes
  11. [35] Training Completed - Report to Joey Klongen at Harf Trading Post

Khazor's Mountain Road[edit | edit source]

This is the road that runs West to East from Harf Trading Post, to and through Frostwood Valley to Snowhorn, and has a North-South offshoot that leads up to the tunnel through the mountain leading from Ystra Highlands to Aslan Valley. It is not explicitly named in the game.



  1. [30] Nacy's Rescue Mission - Bring Nacy a Hot Meal.
  2. [30] Journey together - Accompany Nacy to Harf trading Post.

Sibling Rivalry: John BagginsRichard Baggins

  1. Bragging Rights:
  2. [32] Flowers for Farisa - Deliver flowers to Farisa

Harf Trading Post[edit | edit source]

Harf Trading Post Bulletin Board - Daily Quests

Lewis Tani



  1. [31] Time Capsule - Find the Time Capsule in the Sea of Snow
  2. [31] Wedding Gift - Find the Ice Crystal Bottle Ice Crystal Bottle in the Foxtrack Cave


  1. [32] Shadows - Convince the Shadow in Karia's House to leave.
  2. [32] Buried - Retrieve what the Shadow buried.
  3. [32] False Tooth - Take the tooth to Captain Shamar.
  4. [32] Evidence - Ask Barnave who he made the tooth for.
  5. [32] Karia - Confront Master Karia.

Bila Aido [Ailic's Community] - Will transport you directly to Revivers' Corridor Entrance Hall, Guards' Corridor Entrance Hall, or Royals' Refuge Entrance Hall, but getting back to Ystra Highlands may be trickier than you think.

ShamarCrawford (in Dust Devil Canyon

  1. [42] Shamar's Request - Take a letter to Crawford in Dust Devil Canyon
  2. [42] Monthly Express Report - Deliver the Monthly Report to Harlem at Order of Dark Glory Garrison

Elinov [Paleontologist]

  1. [35] Mystic Species - Capture 5 Wild Berhu with the Magic Crystal Ball

SaderaPorfear's Corpse

Jasper Leap (lying on a log) • Lena Palin

  1. [37] Lost For Words... - Ask Lena Palin a very odd question.
  2. [37] Letting Him Down Easy - Convey Lena Palin's answer.
  3. [37] A Selfmade Necklace - Retrieve the necklace...
  4. [37] Saying Hi - and give it to Lena Palin.

Afasa NattoIlana

  1. [37] Man on the Barrel - Buy a Ceremonial Cape from Ilana
  2. [37] Returning the "Politeness" Cape - Take the cape back to Ilana
  3. [37] Setting Things Straight - Take the boots to Afasa Natto
  4. [37] The Hardest Word - Take the Rare Gem to Ilana


PenalchCasamiase at Winternight Valley Camp

  1. [38] Dragon Domestication Project - Get an Empty Sound Crystal Empty Sound Crystal from Ice Lizards and have Casamiase at Winternight Valley Camp charge it.
  2. [38] Magic-Filled Crystal - Take the crystal to Penalch
  3. [38] Padded Crystal Package - Get materials to make a package to protect the crystal
  4. [38] Retrieve Dragon Eggs

Quellian Dashasker

  1. [39] A Strange Request - Get materials

Elinov [Paleontologist]

  1. [41] Minotaur Territory - Enter Snowhorn and find Phillinde's tracks

Min 40
Harde [Eye of Wisdom Combat Mage] • Lori Hellakar [Eye of Wisdom Emissary]

  1. [45][Daily] Battle for Mystery - Prevent Samoge from snatching the Mystery at the Mystic Altar
  2. [45][Daily] Special Contributor - Receive the Rune Identification Scroll Rune Identification Scroll

Quest Chains[edit | edit source]

Strange Pots Should Be Seen and Not Heard[edit | edit source]

ShamarLangford BagginsStrange PotTokamofiFarisa

  1. [34] A Strange Sound - Investigate the Strange Pot.
  2. [34] A Strange Shape - Report back.
  3. [34] Asking Baggins - Talk to Langford Baggins
  4. [34] Mystical Pot - Report to Shamar
  5. [34] Trying to Communicate - Talk to Tokamofi
  6. [34] A Necessary Medium - Get 3 Flame Eyes
  7. [34] Plants of the Tundra - Get Rare Plant Juice Rare Plant Juice from Farisa
  8. [34] Contact - Put the bag in the Strange Pot.
  9. [34] Unfulfilled Wishes - Find the Pot Lid Pot Lid
  10. [34] Repaying Shamar - Tell Shamar all that has happened

Iron Chef[edit | edit source]

Blazing KaiserLik (Khazor's Watchtower) • Frost White (Khalara Watchtower) - A battle, to the death, between Harf's most-renowned chefs

  1. [37] Berhu Meat - Obtain Berhu Loin Berhu Loin ×20
  2. [37] Snow Ferret Tails - Obtain Snow Ferret Tail Snow Ferret Tail ×20
  3. [37] Where's the Relish? - Get the relish from Lik
  4. [37] Lik's Vexation - Get materials so Lik can make the relish.
  5. [37] Special Sauce - Take the Concentrated Demon Weed Powder Concentrated Demon Weed Powder to Blazing Kaiser
  6. [37] The Illusionary Flame Dish - Get Fire Gland Fire Gland ×15 from Fire-eyed Snow Ferrets
  7. [37] The Challenge - Deliver the Illusion Flame Food Illusion Flame Food to Frost White at Khalara Watchtower
  8. [38] Counter-Attack - Capture Tasty Ice Crab Tasty Ice Crab ×20 from Ystra Ice Crab
  9. [38] A Dish You Never Imagined - Get Winter Spider Liver Winter Spider Liver ×20 from Ystra Winter Spider
  10. [38] Nearby Material - Get Fox Legs Fox Legs ×20 from Blackmane Foxes
  11. [38] Going For It - Speak with Andrea in Winternight Valley Camp
  12. [38] Ice Fairy Powder Dust - Get Ice Fairy Powder Dust Ice Fairy Powder Dust ×20 from Winternight Ice Fairies
  13. [38] Food Counterattack - Take Exquisite Frozen Food Exquisite Frozen Food to Blazing Kaiser

Mystic Altar Access[edit | edit source]

ShamarPhilinde - Group series to unlock Mystic Altar

  1. [41] Minotaur Territory - Find Philinde at the entrance to Mystic Altar
  2. [42] Secret of the Mystic Altar - Find the 4 Keys
  3. [45][Group] Knowledge of the Ancestors - Find Dorlos' Magic Device
  4. [45] Warning - Travel to Obsidian Stronghold Meeting Hall and speak to Lajos Halka

Magical Sources[edit | edit source]


  1. [42] Black Market Book - Get the Black Market Book from Tower of Wailing Wind
  2. [42] Bring Back the Key - Get the Book Lock Key from Kelimo
  3. [42] Magic Book from the Dark - Listen to Tokamofi
  4. [42] Magic Collecting Stone - Get the Box of Magic Collecting Stones Box of Magic Collecting Stones from Lena Palin
  5. [42] Green Magic Source - Find the Magic Source in Winternight Valley
  6. [42] Red Magic Source - Find the Magic Source in Snowhorn
  7. [42] White Magic Source - Find the Magic Source in Foxtrack Cave
  8. [42] Yellow Magic Source - Find the Magic Source in the very top of Tower of Wailing Wind
  9. [42] Blue Magic Source - Find the Magic Source in Sea of Snow by the large lake
  10. [42] Summon the Creature from the Dark - Help Tokamofi carry out the summoning ceremony
  11. [42] Magic Equipment - Get the Energy Stabilization Equipment from Kelimo
  12. [42] Sell to the Researcher - Deliver the Creature from the Dark Creature from the Dark to Order of Dark Glory Garrison in Dust Devil Canyon

Khazor's Watchtower[edit | edit source]


KuramiLewis Tani


  1. [31] Creating Art
  2. [32] Equipment Improvement - Deer Skin Deer Skin
  3. [32] Creature Comforts - Snow Ferret Skin
  4. [32] Ersatz Steel - Obtain Berhu Back Armor

Lik [Apprentice Chef] • Richard BagginsBlazing Kaiser [Fire Artist]

  1. Meat for the Stew
  2. [32] Still Missing a Flavor - Mixed Wild Herbs from Richard Baggins
  3. [32] Mixing Wild Herbs - Take the Mixed Wild Herbs to Lik
  4. [32] Special Delicatessen Package - Find the Delicatessen Package Delicatessen Package on a Frostwood Valley Cyclops
  5. [32] The Master's Review - Take the Ystra's Dream Cuisine to Blazing Kaiser

Crybaby Huck

  1. [32] Disappearance of the Crystal Balls - Return the 3 balls.
  2. [32] No Sister to be Found - Deliver the balls to Tatasha [Careless Researcher].
  3. [32] Returning Quickly - Tell Crybaby Huck not to worry.


  1. [32] Weapons of the Frostwood Valley Cyclops - Cyclops Weapon Cyclops Weapon ×20
  2. [32] Weapon Modification - Giant Antler Reindeer Antler ×5
  3. [32] Even More Enormous - Elder Reindeer Antler ×1
  4. [32] Utility is More Important Than Looks - Berhu Horn Berhu Horn ×5

Hans [Order of Dark Glory Squad Commander]

  1. [32] Investigate the Menace - Cyclops Stomach ×10
  2. [32] Setting Tigers Fighting - get the Minotaurs to fight the Cyclopses

Legendary Hunter (in his own mind)
Langford Baggins

  1. [34] Methods of Hunting - Find Will Busey at Sea of Snow Camp
  2. [34] Game in Plenty - Kill 12 Shaggy Snow Bears
  3. [34] Other Requirements - Find Chilly Clark on the north side of the frozen lake in Sea of Snow
  4. [34] Quicker Than a Snow Ferret - Kill 12 Ystra Snow Ferrets
  5. [34] Time Goes by so Fast - Talk to Jenn Colbert at the Sea of Snow Camp
  6. [34] The More Special The More Valuable - Kill 5 Fire-eyed Snow Ferrets
  7. [34] The Ideas of Young People - Talk to Frank Culls at the Winternight Valley Camp
  8. [34] Sea of Snow Berhu Hunt - Kill 10 Sea of Snow Berhu
  9. [34] The Best Prey - Kill 10 Ystra Ice Crabs
  10. [34] Warn the Sons - Talk to Richard Baggins

Prado sells you a Treasure Chest Key Treasure Chest Key
Item: Treasure Chest Key Treasure Chest KeyObject: Treasure ChestPrado

  1. [35] Treasure Chest Key - Find the Treasure Chest in Snowhorn
  2. [35] The Snowhorn Treasure Chest - Ask for a refund
  3. [35] The Secret of the Boots - Ask Siping at Sea of Snow Camp to evaluate the Boots

Khalara Watchtower[edit | edit source]


  1. [34] Saving a Love Affair - talk to Uncle Wolf.
  2. [34] Snow Ferret Pelts - Get 3 different kinds of Snow Ferret pelts
  3. [34] High Quality Silk - Get Winter Spider Silk Gland Winter Spider Silk Gland ×20
  4. [34] Marriage Counselor - Deliver the High Quality Ferret Fur Coat High Quality Ferret Fur Coat to Korba

Evon [Khalara Watchtower Sentry]

  1. [33] Secret Friend - Take the medicine to the sick friend (Injured Minotaur), then make a choice

IndyAnnaJonesHarrison - Yes, Indy-Anna Jones and Harrison :)

  1. [33] Meeting for the First Time - Get to know Indy.
  2. Two tasks:
  3. [33] Eccentric Researcher - Show the Doll Token to Anna.
  4. [33] Prove Your Strength - Obtain Horn of a Cyclops Horn of a Cyclops ×20
  5. [33] Berhu Specimen - Obtain Berhu Blood Berhu Blood ×20
  6. [33] Lost Group Member - Find the missing group member somewhere in Harf Trading Post
  7. [33] Lost Bow - Help Jones find his bow
  8. [40] The Power of Love - Use Jones Bow Imbued with Magic to defeat Ambas
  9. [40] Time is Short - Collect Ice Tear Ice Tear ×20 from Ice Tear in the Sea of Snow
  10. [40] Time is Short Part Two - Get Essence of Ice Essence of Ice ×30 from Ystra Snow Frogs
  11. [40] White Knight - Give Prepared Potion to Joanne in the Tower of Wailing Wind
  12. [40] Thank You Gift - Speak to Harrison

Mysterious Essence Mysterious Essence from Shaggy Snow BearAnna

  1. [33] Mysterious Essence - Take a Mysterious Essence Mysterious Essence to Anna
  2. [33][Daily] Even More Mysterious Essence - Get Mysterious Essence Mysterious Essence ×20

Tabobi SaganCasamiaseClaus DiersonSamuel YaleLena PalinJasper LeapAfasa NattoBlazing KaiserCarter

  1. [36] A Passion for Beauty - Ask Casamiase at Winternight Valley Camp about Claus Diersen's whereabouts
  2. [37] That Weirdo - Find Claus Diersen in Winternight Valley
  3. [37] A Sincere Gift - Get a Rare Demon Weed Fruit Rare Demon Weed Fruit
  4. [37] A Rare Treasure - Get Twinkling Winter Spider Silk
  5. [37] Testimony to Bravery - Get Scary Giant's Weapon Scary Giant's Weapon
  6. [37] Heartbroken Again - Return to Tabobi Sagan
  7. [37] Stripping Pelts - Get Soft Fox Pelt Soft Fox Pelt ×5
  8. [37] A Perfect Protective Bag - Collect a sprig of Mandala Flower
  9. [37] Give Him Joy! - Give Claus the juice and beat some sense into him
  10. [37] Time to Return - Let Tabobi Sagan know he will return
  11. [37] Transfer of Passion - Get Samuel Yale to agree to date Claus
  12. [37] The Elegant and Beautiful Samantha? - Inform Tabobi Sagan of the answer
  13. [37] A Terrible Mistake - Ask Lena about Samuel.
  14. [37] I Hope the Gods Will Bless You - Tell Tabobi Sagan what Lena said
  15. [37] Warning! - As Jasper if he has seen Claus
  16. [37] The Search Continues - Ask Afasa if he has seen Claus
  17. [37] Hot on the Trail - Tell Tabobi Sagan what Afasa said
  18. [37] Unresolved Crisis... Wanna Eat? - Get food from Blazing Kaiser
  19. [37] Gift for an Admirer - Take the food back to Tabobi Sagan
  20. [37] Unresolved Crisis... Little Knife? - Get a knife from Carter
  21. [37] Gift for a Servant - Take the knife back to Tabobi Sagan
  22. [37] So This is Goodbye - Spar with Tabobi Sagan


Frostwood Valley[edit | edit source]

Lynn Ringe [Ailic's Community] - unlocked by [36] Smelly Gatherer

Weird Merchant

  1. [35] Ring of Carfcamoi - Offer Carfcamoi's Ring Carfcamoi's Ring to the Weird Merchant in Frostwood Valley
  2. [35] Carfcamoi's Treasure - Find the other three treasures
  3. [35] Carfcamoi's Apology - Loot the crate

Number One Terror Threat[edit | edit source]

Hogan [Khazor's Watchtower Commander]

  1. [39] Rescue - Get 2 bottles of Regeneration Mixture Regeneration Mixture
  2. [39] Highlands Threat I - Kill 20 Sea of Snow Cyclopes
  3. [39] Highlands Threat II - Kill 20 Minotaur Patrolmen
  4. [39] Coagulant Creation - Kill 20 Winternight Ice Witches
  5. To the attack!
  6. [39] Mailed Reports - Deliver the reports to Hans

Frostwood Valley Ailic's Camp[edit | edit source]

Loca Roco [Ailic's Community] • Anslie [Ailic's Community]

  1. [36] Breeding - Sprinkle the water on a suitable tree
  2. [36] It's moist and cold. - Recover the Timber ×10
  3. [36] Dirt for Gold - Find Soil Soil ×10 from Earth Piles

Kinger [Ailic's Community] • Loca Roco [Ailic's Community] • Lema Box [Ailic's Community]
This quest chain rewards the Ancient Mechanism Hammer (lvl 37 1-H Hammer)

  1. [36] Smelly Gatherer - Gather Herb Herb ×15
  2. [36] Don't Waste Money - Gather White Flower White Flower ×20
  3. [36] Relic Collecting - Bring back the Snowhorn Totem Pole Snowhorn Totem Pole from Snowhorn Totem Pole
  4. [36] The Box... -
  5. [36] What's This? -
  6. [36] Sampling -

Sea of Snow[edit | edit source]

Sea of Snow Camp[edit | edit source]

Siping (min 36)

  1. [38] Retrieve the Ancient Fragments - Collect Ancient Fragment ×10 from Gargoyles in Tower of Wailing Wind

Winternight Valley Camp[edit | edit source]


Winternight Valley[edit | edit source]

DorsAtlank • Item:Corpse of an Ancient Creature

  1. [36] Deliver the Research Documents - Deliver documents to Atlank inside Winternight Valley.
  2. [36] Bringing the Dead Back to Life - Get Fire-Eyed Ferret Oil ×3 for Atlank.
    • When you complete the above quest the Ancient Creature thaws, comes to life, and attacks you! Kill it and receive Corpse of an Ancient Creature. Examine it to start the final quest!
  3. [36] Corpse of an Ancient Creature - Give the corpse to Atlank.

Tower of Wailing Wind[edit | edit source]

Mysterious Grave

  1. [40] The Strange Tomb - Kill 20 Screaming Gargoyles
  2. [40] The Tomb's Revenge - Kill 20 Mischievous Gargoyles
  3. [40] Rewards of Revenge - Accept a gift of thanks

Explosive Trap

  • Somehow get to the treasure chest in the center without getting blown to pieces.
  • Death by Explosion does not increase your XP/TP Debt.

Snowhorn[edit | edit source]

Mystic Altar[edit | edit source]

Elite series to unlock Mystic Altar (minimum 38)
Shamar (at Harf Trading Post) • Philinde

  1. [41] Minotaur Territory - Find Philinde in the entrance to Mystic Altar
  2. [42][Elite] Secret of the Mystic Altar - Find the 4 Keys
  3. [45][Elite] Knowledge of the Ancestors - Get Dorlos' Magic Device
  4. [45] Warning - Travel to Obsidian Stronghold and speak to Lajos Halka

Item-Triggered: Curious Minotaur Jewelry ('dropped' by Dorlos) • Philinde

  1. [38] Curious Minotaur Jewelry - Bring the Curious Minotaur Jewelry to Philinde outside the Mystic Altar.
  2. [38] Rest now, brave warriors! - Offer the Curious Minotaur Jewelry on Refinger's Altar in Frostwood Valley to release the soul inside.

The following quests begin elsewhere but have objectives inside Mystic Altar.

Aimlee, Dylon, or Guild Quest Board I


  1. [45][Group] Opening the Secret Passageway - Activate the mechanism to open the secret passageway.
  2. [45][Group] Extinguish the Flame Trap - Put Holy Water in the Brazier to extinguish the flames.
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