Xaviera (Quest Series)

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Xaviera (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneXaviera
Rec. Levels43 to 50
Previous Coast of Opportunity
Next Weeping Coast
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Lands of Despair

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.

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The practical range in this zone, given when you can first get quests at Faded Splendor, to when the XP from the level 50 Dailies at Frontline Camp become less than the best, is 41 to 63.

Bag Quests[edit | edit source]

There are four "bag quests" in this zone, all level 44. There were also four in the Coast of Opportunity quest series, ranging in level from 7 to 41. All "bag quests" reward some XP/TP and an Ic Old Bag that can be used to acquire level 5-45 Elite Skills, and are infinitely repeatable.

Instant Travel[edit | edit source]

Snoop the Stubborn and Ailic's Aide's privide instant travel between several major camps in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera. You still have to physically visit them and talk to the teleporter to unlock the location for travel.

Yes, the only Transporters in Xaviera are at the beginning, middle, and end of the zone. Nothing in between, making jumping back to Heffner Camp to use the House Maid much harder. We recommend you drop some ink, probably at Static Lathrofea. That way, you can use your Transport: Heffner Camp Transport: Heffner Camp skill to go there, and use your Transport Book to return.

Armor Set[edit | edit source]

Issac's Armor Set (41-48)
The pieces in this set are rewarded from the following quests in Coast of Opportunity quest series. Collectively, this group of Items Sets can be referred to as Issac's item set.

These sets can also be found in the armor package from Order of Dark Glory Gift Order of Dark Glory Gift, a reward from Appropriate Support in the Weeping Coast quest series.

The Accessories and Weapons, if listed, do not count towards earning the set bonus.

Proper Set Names[edit | edit source]

Source Quests[edit | edit source]

Titles[edit | edit source]

Zone Completion Title: title needed - earn all of the above titles.

North[edit | edit source]

Daily Quests - North[edit | edit source]

Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Level Daily Quest NPC POI
Agile Shadow Mink Ic Soft Mink Pelt x10 43 Soft Brush Dawa Kana Ruins Research Camp
Stone Protector Ic Stone Gift x5 44 Living Cultural Relics Libisil Gelunhuden Faded Splendor
Ruins Flashscale Lizard
Giant Ruins Wolf
Ic Ruins Flashscale Lizard Carapace x5
Ic Ruins Giant Wolf Paw x5
44 Dig Site Safety Dafenger Pindun Faded Splendor
Ruins Cleaner Ic Sticky Sap x5 44 Artifact Restoration Materials Dafenger Pindun Faded Splendor
Level Quest Name Camp Starter Notes
Calm the Fury Ruins Research Camp Dawa Kana Ic Reward Receipt x5
43 Water Demand Ruins Research Camp Dawa Kana Ic Smashed Rune Energy Crystal x5
43 Soft Brush Ruins Research Camp Dawa Kana Ic Soft Mink Pelt x10
43 Moving Fragile Art Faded Splendor Dafenger Pindun Ic Box of Relics x5
44 The Stolen Artifacts Ruins Research Camp Dawa Kana Ic Excavated Relic x5
44 Living Cultural Relics Faded Splendor Libisil Gelunhuden Ic Stone Gift x5
44 Dig Site Safety Faded Splendor Dafenger Pindun Ic Ruins Flashscale Lizard Carapace x5 and Ic Ruins Giant Wolf Paw x5
44 Artifact Restoration Materials Faded Splendor Dafenger Pindun Ic Sticky Sap x5 from Ruins Cleaners
45 Danger's Sweet Taste Issac Camp Chef Fhil Ic Arcurion Spider Meat x5
45 Wild Taste Issac Camp Chef Fhil Ic Strange-Tasting Bat Meat x5
45 Crucial Ingredient for a Legendary Recipe Issac Camp Chef Fhil Ic Sweet Demon Bloom Honey x5
45 Miraculous Bloodclotting Effect Issac Camp Jener Tubiji Ic Arcurion Garnet Rat Droppings x5
46 Flu? Poisoned! Issac Camp Jener Tubiji Ic Silk Flower x5
46 Retrieve the Loot Issac Camp Jener Tubiji Ic Stolen Goods x5
46 Magic Coloring Static Lathrofea Baladd Link 5 Ic Towering Antlers
46 Shut Them Up Static Lathrofea Sofie Paichu Kill 5 Scavenger Chupuras
47 Ah! One Bear, Three Dishes Static Lathrofea Qobbis Kenn 10 Ic Bloody Bear Meat
47 Purchase Spider Silk Static Lathrofea Tili Hoppler 10 Ic Resilient Spider Silk

Faded Splendor[edit | edit source]

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Upper Ruins[edit | edit source]

Faded Splendor Ceremony quest chain: ShenbiHabsigPafflorAostCarusoSushaHanglaSusha

  1. [43] Report - Report to Habsig
  2. [43] Creatures of the Ruins - Kill 10 Blue Feather Harse
  3. [43] True Danger - Kill 10 Giant Ruins Wolves
  4. [43] Hurry - Get Ic Strong Safety Rope
  5. [43] The Price - Get 20 feet from Garnet Armored Beasts
  6. [43] Inauspicious Effect - Get 10 Ic Blood Spider Corpses fromOminous Blood Spiders
  7. [43] Unearthed Pot? - Ask Ailic's Researchers about the pot and how it was found
  8. [43] Investigation Suspicion - Find 6 Suspicious Locations and use the Ic Archaelogical Tool Bag then destroy the Peculiar Plant that arises
  9. [44] Lock - Find Hangla (inside a Large Wooden Box)
  10. [44] Stop the Ceremony - Kill the Eccentric Mage and take the Ic Cursed Pot
  11. Two tasks:
  12. [44] Seal - Protect Pafflor, Aost, and Shasmal until the sealing is complete
  13. [44] A Puzzle - Find all Remaining Trace left behind, use the Ic Archaeological Tool Box if you can't click on it, and get 5 Ic Fragments
  14. [44] Painful Memory - Find Shasmal to get the Ic Translated Writing and read the text
  15. [44] The Ruins are Speaking - Speak to Pafflor, Aost, and Habsig
  16. [44] Go to Issac Camp - Speak to Seda Faar, then give the Ic Letter to Captain Issac Tobolin, at Issac Camp

Bekadi Redeye - unlocked by Creatures of the Ruins

  1. [43] Blood Offering - Get blood samples from wolves and mushrooms
  2. [43] Under the Blood - Use your own blood on the stone tablet
  3. [43] Hidden Message - Deliver the text

Ruins Research Camp[edit | edit source]

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Crafting Stations:

Dawa Kana

Lower Ruins[edit | edit source]

Jaylin Uhar


Libisil Gelunhuden

Dafenger Pindun

Issac Camp[edit | edit source]

Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Level Daily Quest NPC POI
Arcurion Spider Ic Arcurion Spider Meat x5 45 Danger's Sweet Taste Chef Fhil Issac Camp
Arcurion Vampire Bat Ic Strange-Tasting Bat Meat x5 45 Wild Taste Chef Fhil Issac Camp
Ancient Demon Bloom Ic Sweet Demon Bloom Honey x5 45 Crucial Ingredient for a Legendary Recipe Chef Fhil Issac Camp
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Crafting Stations:

There is only one Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Provisioner [Advanced Consumables] here.

unlocked by [44] Go to Issac Camp from Habsig at Faded Splendor
Issac Tobolin [Captain] • Jeremiah Trunk [Deputy Captain]

  1. [45] Prepare the Medicinal Items - Get 10 Ic Demon Bloom Leaves from Ancient Demon Bloom
  2. [45] A Rumor Bad for Morale - Locate the source of the rumors (talk to Banjok Aiko and Falkiner Gilt)
  3. [45] Rumors Stop at a Wise Man - Question people around Arcurion Mines
  4. [45] Important Intelligence - Give the information report to Tilheim Finster at Static Lathrofea
  5. continue with [46] Rune Structure at Static Lathrofea

Chef Fhil [Cooking Instructor]

Jener Tubiji

Arcurion Mines[edit | edit source]

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Walter Kaylis [Phirius Merchant] • Bruce LenYass Kano

  1. [45] A Most Urgent Matter - Find the missing Phirius Merchant in the Mines
  2. [45] Emergency Rescue - Find a cure for the poison (talk to Yass Kano)
  3. [45] Delivery in a Limited Time - Get Ic Lizard Tongues x5 and a Ic Finis Flower back to Yass Kano before the Ic Finis Flower wilts
  4. [45] Life-Saving Medicine - Give the antidote to Bruce Len
  5. [45] Eye for an Eye - Gather 8 Ic Spider Eyes from Arcurion Spider
  6. [45] A Sharp Eye - Gather 10 Ic Garnet Ore from Garnet Ore
  7. [45] Safe Arrival - Use Ic Goods for Escort while still standing near Bruce Len to hitch up the Fully Loaded Supply Cart, then guide it to Sonny White at the camp east of the entrance of Static Lathrofea
    • Any damage from attacks against you goes to the cart. If damaged enough, the cart is lost. If you lose the cart, you will have to abandon and re-acquire the quest.

Hansen Miller [Ailic's Researcher]
unlocked by completing A Rumor Bad for Morale

  1. [45] Archaeological Research - Find the Ic Ancient Memento in the Strange Dirt Pile
  2. [45] A Sister's Necklace - Use the Ic Archaeological Tool Bag to get the Ic Ancient Necklace from Peculiar Dirt Pile
  3. [45] Thorough Research - Take the necklace to Lilian Blue outside Static Lathrofea

Yass Kano [Leader]
unlocked by completing A Rumor Bad for Morale

  1. [45] Annoying Bats - Get 10 Ic Bat Wings
  2. [45] Kill the Giant Bat King - Kill Psyloban

Static Lathrofea[edit | edit source]

Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

You may want to drop some ink here, as it is midpoint-ish between Ruins Research Camp and Jinners Camp and you will probably need to return here directly at some point. If you are poor and do not mind the extra running, this is not required.

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Crafting Stations:

All Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Provisioners here are Excellent (35-49), except for Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Provisioner [Rare Plate Armor] (40-49).

Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Level Daily Quest NPC POI
Largehorned Shadow Deer Ic Towering Antler x5 46 Magic Coloring Baladd Link Static Lathrofea
Red Scavenger Bear Ic Bloody Bear Meat x10 47 Ah! One Bear, Three Dishes Qobbis Kenn Static Lathrofea
Robest Spider Ic Resilient Spider Silk x10 47 Purchase Spider Silk Damb Shuntis
Tili Hoppler
Static Lathrofea

[44][Regional] Lathrofea Psychological War

Dealing with Yadunisi in Secret - Please find Colin Lotus to take the quests

unlocked by Important Intelligence from Issac Camp
Robest quest chain: Tilheim Finster [Deputy Captain] • Mimir HushGennon Barris [Dying Adventurer]

  1. [46] Rune Structure - Bury Alignment Runes at three places (Suitable Hidden Location for Runes)
  2. [46] Mimir's Message - Get 5 Ic Emerald Crystals from Largehorned Shadow Deer
  3. [46] Stealth is Everything - Get 5 Ic Thistles from Thistle and 5 Ic Bottles of Blood from Scavenger Chupura
  4. [46] The Demons of Robest - Use the Ic Invisibilty Potion, enter Robest and Find the Ic Memory Rune
  5. [46] Gennon's Last Wish - Find Ic Gennon's Sword
  6. [47] Undying Will - Deliver Ic Gennon's Helmet to Tilheim Finster
  7. [47] Cave Researchers - Talk to Hafizi Annan to transport to the cave east of Robest
  8. [47] Secret Human Testing Facility - Listen to Mimir Hush
  9. [47] Various Professionals - Find Gilchrist Molina and bring him back to the cave
  10. [47] Try With Someone Else - Get 5 Ic Wailing Sharptooth Larynxes
  11. [47] Memories Retained - View the memories in the Ic Memory Rune
  12. [47] Majority Opinion - Seek consensus from Gilchrist Molina and Tilheim Finster
  13. [47] Secret Manipulator of Lathrofea - Play it by ear (talk to Memory Core)
  14. [47] Information Exchange - Compile the report (talk to Gilchrist Molina)
  15. [48] Forward the Intelligence - Get Ic Lathrofea Report and Ic Medical Supplies from Lidya Passo at the North Wailing Forest camp, then deliver the intelligence and supplies to Dirk Tiss at Jinners Camp
  16. continue with [48] Support Camp Infirmary at Jinners Camp

Tilheim Finster [Deputy Captain] • Norwick

  1. [46] Loudmouthed Adventurer - Talk to some villagers
  2. [47] The Way to Forget to Survive - Get 5 Ic Dark Red Mucus from Crimson Pukari
  3. [47] Potion of Forgetfulness - Get Ic Hollow Leaf x5 from Hollow Leaf
  4. [47] You forget names too, right? - Give the Ic Potion of Forgetfulness to 4 adventurers: (Denton, Klaus, Reis, and Little John)

Florian [Lathrofea Villager] • Pizik

  1. [46] Robest Red Bear Hide - Get Ic Red Bear Skin x5
  2. [46] Delivery to the Door - Deliver the skins to Pizik
  3. [46] Villagers without Motives - Talk to Colin Lotus

Baladd Link


Sofie Paichu

Qobbis Kenn

Damb Shuntis or Tili Hoppler

Robest[edit | edit source]

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South[edit | edit source]

Daily Quests - South[edit | edit source]

Level Quest Name Camp Starter XP Notes
47 Cause of a Nightmare Wailing Forest Aillis Foglop 147,357 Kill 5 Resurrected Zombie, 5 Dismembered Zombie and 2 Stinking Zombie
47 Kill the Worms Wailing Forest Sidonger 147,357 Kill 10 Wailing Worms
48 Dangerous Worm Eggs Jinners Camp Liwagel 154,995 5 Ic Grass of Loathing
48 The Harpies can't resist... Jinners Camp Liwagel 154,995 10 Ic Silvermoon Lake Frog Meat
48 Turned into Ashes Jinners Camp Wunnis Kitte 154,995 5 Ic Stinky Corpse Grease
48 Feathers of a Harpy Jinners Camp Wunnis Kitte 154,995 Ic Resplendent Feather x10
49 Rebirth Delintas Camp Kelotiti 166,317 5 Ic Entling Seeds
49 Soft and Cozy Delintas Camp Kelotiti 166,317 5 Ic Cotton Fern Seeds
49 The Elves' Defenses Deliya's Realm Fiona Andus 166,317 5 Ic Empty Bottles
49 Deal with the Hard Bones Deliya's Realm Fiona Andus 166,317 5 Ic Skeleton Mage Skulls and Ic Skeleton Warrior Arm Bones
50 Twisted Soul Frontline Camp Wernika Diyazi 266,107 Kill 3 Abyssal Souls
50 Support the Front Lines: Eliminate the Gargoyles Frontline Camp Wernika Diyazi 266,107 Kill Dark Night Gargoyles to find Ic Gargoyle's Shimmering Right Eye x5
50 Catch Butterflies Inferno Gardens Robbie Butcher 266,107 Kill 5 Inferno Butterfies
50 Difficult Supply Situation Inferno Gardens Robbie Butcher 266,107 Get 10 Ic Guard Dog Meat from Inferno Guard Dogs

Wailing Forest[edit | edit source]

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[44][Regional] Battle to Cross the Wailing Forest

Tempting Fate - Take quests from Jackson Lobati at the north end of Wailing Forest or Tommy Chodelo in the south
Multiple completions give you a 4-time stacking 5% exp bonus!

Jackson Lobati [Escort Captain] or Tommy Chodelo [Escort Captain]

Shin Heba

Aillis Foglop


Jinners Camp[edit | edit source]

Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Level Daily Quest NPC POI
Silvermoon Lake Frog
Young Silvermoon Frog
Ic Silvermoon Lake Frog Meat x10 48 The Harpies can't resist... Liwagel Jinners Camp
Zombies Ic Stinky Corpse Grease x5 48 Turned into Ashes Wunnis Kitte Jinners Camp
Harpies Ic Resplendent Feather x10 48 Feathers of a Harpy Wunnis Kitte Jinners Camp
by POIQuestsMobs

Crafting Stations:

Harpy Ecology quest chain: unlocked by completing Forward the Intelligence from Static Lathrofea
Dirk Tiss [Camp Deputy Captain] • Peter MyersBenji DittleAnya Nugen

  1. [48] Support Camp Infirmary - Report to Dr. Peter Myers
  2. [48] Doctor Peter Myers' Concerns - Find the whereabouts of Benji Dittle in Locus Path
  3. [48] Missing Ecologist - Go to the Harpy Nest and find Benji Dittle
  4. [48] Benji Dittle's Notes - Report to Dirk Tiss
  5. [48] Unexpected Major Discovery - Report to Anya Nugen
  6. [49] Urgent Material Collection - Gather what Anya Nugen needs (Ic Silvermoon Frogleg x10 from Silvermoon Lake Frog (adults only), Ic Tough Harpy Foot x5 from Harpy Plunderer and Ic Bulky Harpy Wing x5 from Harpy Enchantress. You should already have the Ic Refined Spice Mix but if you "lost" it, talk to Bierus Bol and do Refined Spice Mix again.)
  7. [49] Crush the Harpy Plot - Use the Ic Highly Concentrated Magic Binder Potion to destroy the Incubated Harpy Power Core
  8. [49] Next Phase of Support - Report to Deputy Captain Alexi at Delintas Camp
  9. continue with [49] Urgent Alliance at Delintas Camp

Dirk Tiss [Camp Deputy Captain] • Adventurer's Band Silt CleanerAdventurer's Guild StablehandAdventurers' Guild Member

  1. [48] Strict Deputy Captain - Complete the three sub-quests

Wunnis Kitte

Bierus Bol [Experienced Travelling Merchant] - He also sells General Merchant supplies

  1. [49] Refined Spice Mix - Get Ic Potion of Tranquility, Ic Tourniquet, Ic Corpse Poison Potion and Ic Apollo's Ledger
  2. [49][Daily] Refined Spice Mix - Get Ic Potion of Tranquility, Ic Tourniquet, Ic Corpse Poison Potion and Ic Apollo's Ledger


Delintas Camp[edit | edit source]

Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Level Daily Quest NPC POI
Ents Ic Entling Seed x5 49 Rebirth Kelotiti Delintas Camp
Skeletons Ic Skeleton Mage Skull x5
Ic Skeleton Warrior Arm Bone x5
49 Deal with the Hard Bones Fiona Andus Delintas Camp
by POIQuestsMobs

Alexi [Deputy Captain] • DaninisiCheri Aimir

  1. [49] Lonely Lament - Get 12 Ic Harpy Feathers from Harpy Wailers and Harpy Screamers
  2. complete Lost and Found to proceed
  3. [49] Emergency Medical Treatment - Use the Ic Demon Bloom Ointment to treat 5 Injured Adventurers
  4. Two Paths:

continue with [50] Strong Suspicions at Frontline Camp

unlocked by completing Next Phase of Support at Jinners Camp
Alexi [Deputy Captain]

  1. [49] Urgent Alliance - Visit Daninisi


Deliya's Realm[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

[44][Regional] Transport from the Rear

Lantanya [Holy Stone Captain] - unlocked by Lost and Found

Fiona Andus

Frontline Camp[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

Crafting Stations:

unlocked by completing Key Document from Delintas Camp
Issac TobolinFulda CidJinners ZukenZirden Sayen

  1. [50] Strong Suspicions - Kill Wandering Skeletons until you find an Ic Adventurer Name Tag
  2. [50] Remains of the Dead - Deliver the necklace to Synod Dinth at Frontline Camp
  3. [50] A Girl's Tears - Investigate the Ic Memory Rune
  4. [50] First Arrival at Camp - Report to Jinners Zuken
  5. [50] Temporary Messenger - Find Patrolling Adventurer inside Inferno Gardens
  6. [50] Check the Supplies - Ask around at Frontline Camp about the supply situation at Issac Camp, Jinners Camp and Delintas Camp
  7. [50] Collect Materials - Obtain Ic Demon Bloom Essence x10 from Bonechomp Bloom and deliver them to Zirden Sayen
  8. [50] New Discovery - Listen to Zirden Sayen
  9. [50] Provide Assistance - Enter Inferno Gardens and destroy 3 Spirit Cores
  10. [50] Use of the Forbidden Rune Stone - Report the Eye of Wisdom's plan to Issac Tobolin
  11. [50] The Truth about the Memory Rune Stone - Talk to Zirden Sayen
  12. [50] Break Through the Barriers - Listen to how to break the barrier
  13. [50] Meet with Jinners - Find Jinners Zuken in Inferno Gardens in front of the barriers and give him the Ic Rune Catalyst
  14. [50] Waiting Game - Go to Phiksi Yates and perform at least 8 of his tasks for Reduce Casualties to a Minimum! But.... Only then can you use the Ic Rune Catalyst to remove the barrier to Gloombright Castle
  15. [50] Battle the Sorceress - Defeat Deliya inside of Gloombright Castle
    • awards Upper Body armor from Issac's set
  16. [50] Lend a Helping Hand - Ask Fulda Cid for transport to Weeping Coast, then talk to Kafas Degan

This concludes the Xaviera main quest chain.

Kelven FayongChafftis Longhair

  1. [49] Secure the Supply Line - Defeat 3 Infernal Machines in Deliya's Realm
  2. [49] Arrogant Researcher - Take the Ic Infernal Machine Wreckage to Chafftis Longhair
  3. [50] Rare Treasures - Bring back 3 Ic Boot-up Cores from Infernal Machines in Deliya's Realm

Synod Dinth
unlocked by completing Remains of the Dead

  1. [50] A Missed Detail - Take the relics to an Injured Adventurer to identify
  2. [50] Synod's Regret - Take the report to Issac Tobolin
  3. [50] May They Rest in Peace - Bring Ic Occupied Body Bag x5 from Dead Adventurers Guild Member back to Issac Tobolin

There are 4 level 50 Daily quests here, but if you are power-leveling an alt the 2 you want to repeat are [Daily] Twisted Soul and [Daily] Catch Butterflies as these are cooperative. All members of a party (within range) will get th update together.

Wernika Diyazi

Inferno Gardens[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

[44][Regional] Deliya's Flower Garden - Take quests from Phiksi Yates. Regional Effects, which change periodically, affect some of the battle within.

Robbie Butcher

Gloombright Castle[edit | edit source]

by ZoneQuestsMobsPOIsObjects

Level 55 Instanced Dungeon for 6-man and 12-man groups

[50] Waiting Game opens the barrier to entry, and [50] Battle the Sorceress takes place within. If you fail, or are ejected, for any reason during [50] Battle the Sorceress, you must find a player that is ready to enter the castle and join his group. It is the only way to re-enter the Castle.

WARNING!!! Do not enter the Castle until you have spoken to Jinners Zuken and started [50] Battle the Sorceress! Unfortunately, as soon as you have finished the tasks for [50] Waiting Game it will let you enter, but you need to start [50] Battle the Sorceress if you want to finish it!

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