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Map of Windmill
Rise of the Demon Lord

This page refers to content introduced at launch, with Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord.

Zone Information
Zone ID#250
Continent Candara
Type Instanced Dungeon
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range unknown
Connecting Zones Howling Mountains (north side of Logar)
Quests Mobs Loot Objects

Please see Instance List for a table of all Instances, by the zone they are found in, and the quests that are involved with them.

From the NPC Uncle Kaga:

"Inside the Windmill Basement are two powerful monsters. One is the Kobold King Bonebreaker. The other is the Hammertooth Empire's Imperial Mage, Hodu Hammertooth.

It is said that 12 years ago, in order to expand their power, the Eye of Wisdom targeted the resource rich Howling Mountains, launching a magical eradication campaign to clear out those dangerous monsters that threatened the humans in the region.

The most powerful monster at that time was Pirlanok, who called on the earth spirits, goblins, and various other native creatures of the Howling Mountains to resist, Hodu Hammertooth and Bonebreaker answered the call, adding two extremely powerful armies to his cause. Of course, this led to a very terrible and desperate battle.

Ultimately, the Eye of Wisdom manage to seal Pirlanok into the Dead Tree Cave and forced the remnants of Hodu Hammertooth and Bonebreaker's armies to flee into the Windmill Basement - Where the Eye of Wisdom had prepared powerful magical seals and sacred vessels."

Level/location[edit | edit source]

Level 20+ is recommended with a strong tank and speedy healer to take down the powerful boss mobs inside.

The Windmill Basement is inside the large windmill just on the northern edge of Logar in the Howling Mountains.

Getting Into the Windmill Basement[edit | edit source]

To gain entrance to the windmill, you will require a Gloomy Vapor Stone Gloomy Vapor Stone which are obtained from the Golo creatures in the Dead Tree Cave and the Barren Caves.

Once in possession of an Gloomy Vapor Stone Gloomy Vapor Stone speak with Uncle Kaga standing in Logar by the Windmill entrance.

Speak to him and choose the option Enter the Windmill Basement which in turn will bring you to another menu where you need to choose Creating a Vapor Stone.

Once done, one Gloomy Vapor Stone Gloomy Vapor Stone from your inventory will become a Dazzling Vapor Stone Dazzling Vapor Stone, this is required for entrance into the Windmill Basement and will last in your inventory for one hour or until thrown away.

Traversing the Windmill Basement[edit | edit source]

Once inside the instance, you will find yourself in an empty room with a hallway leading out of it where the first monsters are located. In the first room where monsters are, there is a special monster named Gomio. Be careful of this monster, even at higher levels, if Gomio manages to cast all of his magic, all of your party members can suffer major damage or death.

While exploring this dungeon, you will come across rooms at the end of most hallways with the standard assortment of monsters in them, but there is one you will find that has a large box called Box that spreads Wail. This box, if opened will deliver either three standard dungeon drops to your inventory or one boss drop with one standard drop. At the same time, it will spawn an assortment of normal monsters to ambush you.

At nearly 2/3 of the way through the instance, you will encounter the primary boss of the dungeon Hodu Hammertooth. His normal attacks are nothing important, but he has an AoE skill where he will shout "Burn!! (Ancient Language) An'Sola Shale" that will inflict massive damage to everyone nearby. This attack is very powerful even for high level players, if you are not very high level, this skill can be interrupted. Sometime after Hodu reaches less than 50% of his Hp, he will retreat taunting you and telling you that you will have to find him.

To find Hodu again, you must locate The Spirit of Dead Hero who spawns in one of four rooms elsewhere in the dungeon. Those rooms could be any of the three rooms other than the one with the Box that spreads Wail passed on the way to where you found Hodu or the one just beyond there with purple stonework.

Once you have located The Spirit of Dead Hero you must click on him to activate him.
One of three outcomes will randomly occur at this point:

When Hodu Hammertooth is killed, he leaves a chest called Drakor's Treasure for you to loot, Geianth also leaves a chest, named Finely crafted Box, and if Ghost of the Fallen Hero made it through the battle, he will also have boss drops for you. Hodu and Geianth both carry a random piece of the tier 1 windmill armor, up to three of the crystals required to get level 25 elite skills, and a tier 1 enhancement rune. Also, there is a chance that one of them will have a Rune Crystal which is a very rare drop used in some of the better recipes for the upgraded windmill armor sets.

Once you have accomplished your goals with the boss, you may choose to go down the last side-hallway on the way out to find two purple treasure chests which contain random low-level harvest materials, production runes, and low-level healing/magic potions.

Once done, the portal out is at the end of the main corridor and will take you back to Logar, where you can obtain recipes for using the materials you may have picked up on your run through the windmill from Uncle Kaga.

Windmill Drops[edit | edit source]

Loot Table

for Windmill Basement

Standard Monsters[edit | edit source]

Worn Kobold Robe
Broken Goblin Staff
Damaged Fine Repeating Crossbow
Crimson Hog Hide
Damaged Kobold Battle Axe
Assassin's Sword Hilt
Gomio's Rucksack

Purple Treasure Chest[edit | edit source]

Random Production Rune
Random Harvest Material
First Aid Potion
Magic Potion

Boss Standard Drops[edit | edit source]

Kobold Crown Fragment
Gem From Hammertooth Mask
Smashed Fire Essence Fragment
Smashed Water Essence Fragment
Crushed Purple Jade
Sharp Gravel
Gloomy Crystal Sand
Flame Crystal Sand
Illusion Crystal
Tough Crystal
Life Crystal
Rune Crystal

Boss Armor Drops[edit | edit source]

Ventis Boots
Ventis Crown
Ventis Leggings
Ventis Robe
Yolta Helm
Yolta Leather Armor
Yolta Leggings
Yolta Long Boots
Hochim Leggings
Hochim Soldier's Armor
Hochim Soldier's Boots
Hochim Soldier's Helm

This table is available on a separate page here.

Uncle Kaga's Recipes[edit | edit source]

Amulet item 04.png
Special Material Recipes

Wp 2h blade13 040 003.png
Weapon Recipes
Eq ear-01 1.png
Accessory Recipes
Eq torso-cloth020-004.png
Cloth Armor Recipes
Eq leg-plate050-001.png
Leather Armor Recipes
Eq waist-cloth020-002.png
Chainmail Armor Recipes

These charts are available on a separate page here.