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Whirlwind Skill war15-2.png
Warrior General
Requires 50 rage
Instant Cooldown 30 seconds
Whirling in place you cause X% of main hand weapon's DPS to the targets within range.
Class Warrior
Type General
Type Offensive
School Physical
Cooldown 30 seconds
Range Self
Area of Effect {{{aoe}}}
Other Information
Min. Level 8
Effect Type {{{effect}}}
Use Condition {{{condition}}}

Whirlwind is one of three area of effect skills a Warrior has access to, learned at level 8. It is the first AOE ability a Warrior has, and is the only AOE ability Warriors supply as a secondary class.

Rank Table[edit | edit source]

Level Damage
0 70 %
5 91 %
10 112 %
15 133 %
20 154 %
25 175 %
30 196 %
35 217 %
40 238 %
45 259 %
50 280 %
55 301 %

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Whirlwind's primary importance is as an AOE available to other classes through the dual classing system. Its rage cost is rather prohibitive to main-class warriors who will be dumping their rage into Slash or Probing combos, not to mention levelling warriors are better off putting their TP into single-target damage abilities. Warriors as a secondary can afford to spend the extra TP. In fact, Rogue/Warriors and Knight/Warriors have two elite skills - Whirlwind Mastery and Deadly Whirlwind respectively - that enhance Whirlwind, reducing both its rage cost and cooldown.