Weeping Coast (Zone Loot Table)

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Most mobs in Weeping Coast can drop any of the following items, in addition to Health Potions, Mana Potions, Ammunition, Production Runes, and Festival Items. Usually this is Common and Normal items, but may also include a few Good items.

This Loot Table is also used by Heart of the Ocean and The Origin.

There is some crossover with Savage Lands (Zone Loot Table).

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Those consumables that drop within a zone are usually for sale by at least one merchant in that zone.

Potion and Poison Merchants:

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Ammunition that drops within a zone are usually for sale by at least one merchant in that zone.

Ammo Merchants:

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Alchemy Armorcrafting Blacksmithing Carpentry Cooking Tailoring
(Blend Rune Blend Rune) (Purify Rune Purify Rune) (Frost Rune Frost Rune) (Link Rune Link Rune) (Activate Rune Activate Rune) (Disenchant Rune Disenchant Rune)
item name needed item name needed item name needed item name needed item name needed item name needed

Armor[edit | edit source]

Level shown in (parentheses).

Cloth[edit | edit source]

Slot Common Normal
Shoulders Magic Crystal Shoulder Guards Magic Crystal Shoulder Guards (46)
Officer's Pauldrons Officer's Pauldrons (47)
Elegant Cloth Shoulder Guards Elegant Cloth Shoulder Guards (47)
Frostbreaking Shoulder Guards Frostbreaking Shoulder Guards
Love Shoulder Guards (54)
Head Twilight Hat Twilight Hat (48) White Soul Hood White Soul Hood
Cold Green Hood Cold Green Hood
Upper Body Rainbow Long Robe Rainbow Long Robe (47) Robe with Barbarian Pattern Robe with Barbarian Pattern
Hands Gloves of Frozen Tundra (46)
Rune Gloves (46)
Sigil Handguards Sigil Handguards (46)
item name needed
Belt Splendid Girdle (47) Purple Butterfly Belt Purple Butterfly Belt
Savage Cloth Belt
Lower Body Inscribed Silk Leg Guards Inscribed Silk Leg Guards (48) Fallen Leaves Pants Fallen Leaves Pants
Feet Soft Boots of Wisdom Soft Boots of Wisdom (46) Boots of Burning Fire Boots of Burning Fire
High Quality Cloth Shoes
Cape item name needed Snow Spirit Cape Snow Spirit Cape

Leather[edit | edit source]

Slot Common Normal
Head Guardsman Helmet Guardsman Helmet (46)
Dusty Leather Helmet (48)
item name needed
Shoulders Guardsman's Protective Shoulder Guards Guardsman's Protective Shoulder Guards (47) item name needed
Upper Body Wildwave Leather Armor Wildwave Leather Armor (47)
Fine Feather Leather Armor Fine Feather Leather Armor (48)
Wrinkled Leather Armor Wrinkled Leather Armor
Hands Guardsman's Handguards Guardsman's Handguards (46) item name needed
Belt Guardsman's Leather Belt Guardsman's Leather Belt (47)
Teal Belt Teal Belt (48)
item name needed
Lower Body Guardsman's Leg Guards (48) item name needed
Feet Wildflow Shoes Wildflow Shoes (48) item name needed

Chain[edit | edit source]

Slot Common Normal
Head Insect-shell Helmet Insect-shell Helmet (46) item name needed
Shoulders Insect-shell Spaulders (47) item name needed
Upper Body item name needed Blue Gleam Chainmail Blue Gleam Chainmail
Ash Grey Chainmail Ash Grey Chainmail
Belt Gem Belt Gem Belt (47) Eagle Feather Belt Eagle Feather Belt
Lower Body Guard's Leg Guards (46) item name needed

Plate[edit | edit source]

Slot Common Normal
Head Celestial Helmet Celestial Helmet (48) Gloomy Sky Helm Gloomy Sky Helm
Weeping Coast Hard Shell Helmet
Moonlight Helm Moonlight Helm
Upper Body Sage Armor Sage Armor (48) Blazing Armor
Dull Blue Armor Dull Blue Armor
Hands item name needed Starry Morning Scale Gauntlets Starry Morning Scale Gauntlets
Lower Body item name needed item name needed
Feet Boots of Heaven's Fist Boots of Heaven's Fist (47) item name needed

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Type Common Normal Good
Dagger Sword-cutting Dagger Sword-cutting Dagger (47)
Hard Metal Dagger Hard Metal Dagger (48)
Toothed Dagger Toothed Dagger
Assassin Tools Assassin Tools
Sharp Knife Sharp Knife
Dragon Toe Dragon Toe
Poison Fang Blade Poison Fang Blade
Beast Claw Beast Claw
Sword Jade Cloud Sword (48) item name needed
2-H Sword Arbitrator's Sword Arbitrator's Sword (47) Long Sword of Surprise Long Sword of Surprise
Hammer Ancient Wooden Hammer of Spirits (48) item name needed Vermillion Bone Breaker Vermillion Bone Breaker
from specific mobs in Ravenfell and Weeping Coast
2-H Hammer Double-Pointed Mace (46)
Soul Destroyer Soul Destroyer (48)
Blessed Battlehammer Blessed Battlehammer
Axe Battle Axe of Courage Battle Axe of Courage (47)
Huge Assault Axe Huge Assault Axe (48)
Kiev's Axe Kiev's Axe
2-H Axe Capital Axe Capital Axe (48) item name needed
Bow Spiritwood Bow (46) Soul Crushing Bow Soul Crushing Bow
Crossbow item name needed item name needed
Wand Spirit Falcon's Scepter Spirit Falcon's Scepter (47) Great Magic Wand Great Magic Wand
Cold Stone Wand Cold Stone Wand
Staff Spirit Staff Spirit Staff (48) Sage's Long Staff Sage's Long Staff
Pure Long Staff Pure Long Staff
Staff of the Secret Rite Staff of the Secret Rite
Missing Light Staff
Shield item name needed item name needed
Talisman Elftree Deadwood Elftree Deadwood (46) item name needed