Weeping Coast (Quest Series)

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Weeping Coast (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneWeeping Coast
Rec. Levels50 to 54
Previous Dust Devil Canyon
Next Savage Lands
See alsoQuest Series
The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Honestly, Dailies in Xaviera at Frontline Camp give a lot more XP than the Main quests do here, but there are so many of them! So, do your Frontline Camp Dailies, then come here and do all the Main quests, but the Dailies here are probably not worth your time. If you are bound at Varanas Gates (which you should be) it is easy enough using Transport: Heffner Camp and Snoop portal to Frontline Camp, then use Recall and Snoop Portal to Boulderwind Village to return to questing.

Titles[edit | edit source]

Zone Completion Title: Wp blade30 040 001.png Weeping Coast Blitz Vanguard - obtain all of the above titles

Epic Quest Series[edit | edit source]

This epic quest series starts with Gubuth in Weeping Coast.

Inkspots: During this epic quest series, it will prove very useful if you dropped some ink at the following locations, as you will need to move back and forth between them often!
Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

Daily Quests[edit | edit source]

Level Quest Ending NPC Start Location Needs XP
50 Selling Like Hot Cakes Romik Saimun Smuggler Camp Ic Lethal Stings x10 from Double-action Hornets 90,476
50 Trade Relations Juri Krugman Boulderwind Village Bulletin Board Ic Green Mud x10 from Green Moss Monsters 79,832
51 Fresh Bait Ment Milon Mudpond Village Ic Smelly Offal x10 from Muddy Wheezers 96,809
51 Tasty Cuisine Loke Peng Boulderwind Village Bulletin Board Ic Fresh Crab Legs x10 from Fishmouth Stone Crabs 85,420
51 When Vengeance is the Only Road Dajen Lege Boulderwind Village Ic Fin Scales x10 from the Tiktaaliks 85,420
51 Hardworking Sous Chef Abraham Tak Boulderwind Village Bulletin Board Ic Delicious Fish Filets x10 from Weeping Coast Wild Rays 85,420
51 Wings to Fly Duban Bete Boulderwind Village Bulletin Board Ic Colorful Feathers x10 from Rainbow Falcons 85,420
51 Supply Officer's Angst Lokin Kajad Boulderwind Village Ic Hard Leather Armor x10 from Green Lakosos 85,420
51 Fighting Fire with Fire Glinsdon Pylong Boulderwind Village Ic Supply x10 from the Ayam Tiktaaliks 85,420
52 Handicraft Supplies Juliano Habin Boulderwind Village Bulletin Board Ic Sharp Fangs x10 from Stripy Sawmouths 91,399
52 Bunga Beastology Kulapik Cybon Muttering Forest Ic Stomach x10 from Bungas 103,586
52 Giant Wolf Claws Kulapik Cybon Muttering Forest Ic Giant Wolf Claw x10 from Giant Marsh Wolves 103,586
52 Lovely Leathers Kulapik Cybon Muttering Forest Ic Beautiful Fur x10 from Forest Leopards 103,586
52 A Difficult Mission Osha Keluo Muttering Forest Ic Skeleton x10 from Bloodfang Trolls 103,586

Varanas Class Hall[edit | edit source]


Weeping Coast[edit | edit source]

by ZoneQuestsMobsPOIsObjects

Vagrant! quest chain[edit | edit source]

Vagrant (aka Zunlin Sadi) • Biang FenrenTankaja Anshing

  1. [50] Dying Man - Get Ic Antidote Herb x10 from Antidote Herb
  2. [50] Witness? - Give the Ic Broken Arrow Half to Biang Fenren just outside Mudpond Village
  3. [50] Creditor - Talk to Tankaja Anshing about Vagrant's debt
  4. [50] Reasonable Exchange - Get something of value for the IOU
  5. [50] Kept Promise - Give the IOU to Vagrant, freeing him.

unlocked by [50] Witness?
Vagrant (aka Zunlin Sadi)

Mudpond Village[edit | edit source]

Ment Milon

Biang Fenren

Biang Fenren

Biang Fenren

Biang Fenren

  1. [50] No Plan Left - Inspect the guard's equipment at Fishmouth Bay Guard Camp
  2. [50] Trap - Check outside the camp for immobile signals

Biang Fenren

Fishmouth Bay Guard Camp[edit | edit source]

a.k.a. Smuggler Camp

unlocked by Station
Kafas Degan

Bisang! quest chain[edit | edit source]

Item:Suspicious-looking Sample Suspicious-looking SampleTankaja AnshingKafas Degan

  1. [50] Cargo Usage - Find the person responsible for the pirates' cargo
  2. [50][Group] Not For Free - Kill Bisang (Crown Elite) to get Ic Bisang's Skin.
  3. [50] Bad News - Report to Kafas Degan
  4. [50] Report - Inform Biang Fenren that the Zurhidon have ordered goods from a black market merchant!

Traitor! quest chain[edit | edit source]

Kafas DeganLoluka NiloBiang Fenren at Mudpond Village

  1. [50] Station - Ask Kafas Degan at the Fishmouth Bay Guard Camp for work.
  2. [50] Uninvited Guest - Find the Ic Strange Pirate Map on a Ferocious Pirate.
  3. [50] Impossible Path - Scout Ayal Outpost.
  4. [50][Group] No Turning Back - Kill the Ayal Ceremonial Priests (51 Elite)
  5. [50] Traitor - Get Ic Pirate Costume x5
  6. [50] Friend or Foe? - Use the Camouflage Tool and kill Kirk Melor
  7. [50] Report to the First Lieutenant - Report to Biang Fenren

Fishmouth Bay[edit | edit source]

Tankaja Anshing

  1. [50] Poison Symptoms - Ask Vagrant about his symptoms
  2. [50] No Plan Left - Inspect the guard's equipment.
  3. [50] Trap - Use the Signal Tracker

Drinking and Fishing quest chain[edit | edit source]

Howey MingstunMog Feilis [Boulderwind Tavern Chef] • Ment Milon in Mudpond Village

  1. [50] The Strange Fish People and the Fishermen - Listen to the Old Fisherman's story.
  2. [50] Damned Pirates - Get Howey's stuff back from the Ferocious Pirates
  3. [50] Buried Treasure on the Beach? - Kill Fishmouth Stone Crab to get Ic Fishmouth Stone Crab x12 and give them to Mog Feilis
  4. [50] A Legendary Mystery Crab? - Ask Howey about the crabs
  5. [50] Tasting is Knowing - Kill Weeping Coast Horseshoe Crab to get Ic Weeping Coast Horseshoe Crab x8
  6. [50] Repairing the Boat - Gather Ic Dry Wood x10 from Flood Wood Stack
  7. [50] Horseshoe Crab Recipe - Get Ic Lagoon Sea Salt x8 from Sea Salt Crystal
  8. [50] Fishermen's Tale - Listen to Howey's story
  9. [50] Bait Seller Boy - Get bait from Ment Milon in Mudpond Village
  10. [50] Family - Gather Ic Kami Mushroom x8
  11. [50] Kami Mushroom Whiskey - Deliver the bait and whiskey to Howey Mingstun
  12. [50] In Wine There is Truth - Stop him from setting sail

Smuggler Camp[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

Romik Saimun

Ayak Clan[edit | edit source]

Ayak Clan are outcasts from the rest of the Tiktaalik and have remained friendly to outsiders.


Morya - unlocked by Research Analysis

  1. [51] That Day's Nightmare - Listen to Morya's tale
  2. [51] Proof of Power - Get the Ic Chief's Treasure from the Ayal Chief
  3. [51] A Visit to the Old Priest - Follow Keda to Jiatu
  4. [52] Start Again - Take the fossil to Dilar Yeli

Boulderwind Village[edit | edit source]

Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

Dajen Lege

Lokin Kajad

Glindson Pylong

Boulderwind Village Bulletin Board or Daily Quest Manager

Bazla Tigu

Item Triggered: Ic Beautiful Stone Carving

Kuman Leiter - (min 52)

  1. [55] Unexpected Trouble - Listen to his troubles
  2. [55][Group] Terrible Dream - Get a Ic Dreamland Crystal Fragment from Bloodthirsty Claw in Heart of the Ocean

Kerwin Tamifay - (min 52)

  1. [55][Group] Legendary Creatures - Get a specimen from the Teeth of the Reef inside Heart of the Ocean

Heart of the Ocean access chain[edit | edit source]

see also: HotO series at Anapedia for a slightly different way of looking at it.

The display of the chain, below, also shows some of the brief offshoots that are not truly required to unlock access. The chain subpage, Heart of the Ocean access chain, shows just those I believe must be done.

Noxi B'shaoLoley Yingli [2nd Guard Company] • Onas SilMavate Daviny [2nd Guard Company Lieutenatnt] • Maybeli MamilaHasij FaylisDilar YeliDilan HuarMoryaFandosha Gesh

  1. [51] Auntie in Danger! -Protect Dajen Lege.
  2. [51] The Bard Said... -Talk to Loley Yingli.
    • Kids
    1. [52][Optional] Loner Kid - Chat with Par Dunt
    2. [52][Optional] Find the Treasure - Find Yelena Chiwa's treasure.
    3. [52][Optional] Hidden Intentions - Ask Par Dunt why he is so mean to Yilena Chiwa
  3. [51] Save the Villagers -Protect Tanad Laya.
    1. Accolades:
  4. [51] Report Clues -Deliver the Ic Sealed Letter to Mavate Daviny
  5. [51] Take What You Deserve -See Lokin Kajad to receive your reward.
  6. [51] Investigation -
  7. [51] Thorny Individuals -
  8. [51] Applause for them -Get Ic Stone Carving x10 from around Ayat Clan
  9. [51] Unusual Researchers -Ask Maybeli Mamila about how the Tiktaaliks have changed
  10. [51] Just Like That -Find Hasij Faylis near Ayat Clan
  11. [51] Doomsday? -Record sounds from Ayat Clan
  12. [51] Searching for a Ray of Hope -Record sounds from Guwa
  13. [51] Fully Entrusted -Take notes and recordings to Dilar Yeli
  14. [51] Priceless Treasure -Babysit Dilan Huar
  15. [51] The World in Books -Find a book that amuses Dilan
  16. Final Preparations:
  17. [51] Collaboration with the Tiktaalik -Take the Written Pact and the Ic Weeping Coast Recording Conch to Jiatu
  18. Epilogue:

Fathers and Daughters quest chain[edit | edit source]

Michael HabinJuri KrugmanJuliano HabinMakwil ShanMuttering Forest: Catherine EtonAndre ShiliHarry KaffWynat BaikenEdward EtonShink Mafu

  1. [51] Michael's Request -Find the Ic Bag
  2. [51] Selling Water Bone Leaves -Deliver the Ic Bag of Water Bone Leaves to Juri Krugman
  3. [51] Krugman's Idea -Deliver the Ic Bag of Gold Coins to Michael Habin and admonish him
  4. [51] Means of Shifting the Focus -Michael wants to get in a different line of work...
  5. [51] Michael's Trick -Take the Package to Juliano Habin
  6. [51] Accompanied by Danger -Get Ic Lakoso Skin x8 from Weeping Coast Lakosos and deliver them to Makwil Shan
  7. [51] Sonar Fork -Get Ic Sonar Stones x8 from the Stone Piles near Ayat Clan
  8. [51] The Finished Product -Deliver the Sonar Fork and the Lakoso Armor to Juliano Habin
  9. [51] Krugman's Problem -Deliver a Letter to Catherine Eton in the Muttering Forest
  10. [51] Gathering Medicinal Materials -Gather Ic Flame Grass x8
  11. [51] List of Hard-to-Get Materials -Find Andre Shili
  12. [51] Bait -Get Ic Fox Meat x8
  13. [51] Tempting Dirks -Use the Bait to kill Dirks (52 Elite Fox) and get Ic Forest Powder
  14. Preparing a Gift:
  15. [51] Presenting a Bouquet -Deliver the Bouquet and Materials to Catherine Eton
  16. [51] First Step Towards Reconciliation -Deliver the Ic Statue Fragment to Edward Eton
  17. [51] Fathers Know Their Daughters -Deliver the Ic Jewelry Box to Catherine Eton
  18. [51] Catherine's Secret -Get Ic Soil x5 from Earth Mounds
  19. [51] Ingredients for a Neutralizer -Get Ic Bone Fragment x8 from Hardscale Sawmouths
  20. [51] Disguise of the Night Rose -Get Ic Night Rose Leaf x6 from Night Roses hiding among the Common Weeds
  21. [51] Delivering the Neutralizer -Deliver the Neutralizer to Catherine Eton

Strange Captive quest chain[edit | edit source]

Lokin Kajad [2nd Guard Company Supply Officer] • Lisha Ditket [Patrol Party Captain] • Mavate Daviny [2nd Guard Company Lieutenatnt]

  1. [51] Fort Supplies -Deliver the Ic Guard Materials
  2. [51] Insufficient Supplies -Obtain Ic Phosphorus Powder x7 from Pink Skippers
  3. [51] Extra Supplies -Obtain Ic Lokatamu Mushroom x5 from Green Moss Monsters
  4. [51] Awaken - Awaken the Strange Creature
  5. [51] Urgent Report -Report to Mavate Daviny'
  6. [51] The Monster's True Identity -Learn more about Nagas
  7. [51] Following Orders -Take new orders to Lisha Ditket
  8. [51] Transferring the Captive -Get Ic Lokatamu Mushroom x5 and Ic Tenacious Swamp Vine x3

Speaking Wind Cliff[edit | edit source]

Young Lovers[edit | edit source]

Yana AnashinToke LajundSilu Shen [Treasure Hunter] • Forest Skeleton

  1. [51] Missing Lover - Ask Mayor Toke Lajund about Niko
  2. Two Approaches:

Throne of the Water[edit | edit source]

Trevor HaymorePolython

  1. [52] Non-Harmonious Water Elemental - Find the Herbal Medicine Case
  2. [52] Miraculous Water Bone Leaf Ointment - Learn more about Ic Water Bone Leaves
  3. [52] Water Elemental Power - Get Ic Water Elemental Power x15
  4. [52] Irrigate the Water Bone Leaves. - Use the power
  5. [52] Pure Core - Get Ic Water Elemental Core x5
  6. [52] Mature Water Bone Leaf - Use the Core
  7. [52] Power of the King of the Water - Ask Polython to fill all the vessels with power
  8. [52] Imprisonment - Beseech Polython to fill all the vessels with power
  9. [52] Admonition of the King of the Water - Deliver Polython's warning to Trevor
  10. [52] Exposing a Conspiracy - Learn the real reason for stealing power from the King of the Water

The King of the Water[edit | edit source]

This chain of quests are required for HotO access. This is sometime referred to as Line 3 and unlocks the final series in Line 2.
Yilian ZashuAyjilin Shiang at Ayam ClanSata at Ayam ClanPolython at Throne of the Water

  1. [51] Song of the Forest -Talk with Yillian Zashu
  2. [51] Happiness of the Ents -Earn the praise of 3 Entlings
  3. [51] Chaotic Water Elemental Power -Talk with Yillian Zashu
  4. [51] Going to the Tiktaalik Village -Find Ayjilin Shiang
  5. [51] Ent Concerns -Speak to Sata
  6. [51] Anxious Tiktaalik -Speak to Ayjilin Shiang
  7. [51] Treasure of the Tiktaalik -Talk with Yillian Zashu
  8. [51] An Audience with the King of the Water -Get Glittering Ore ×10 from Glittering Ore
  9. [51] Showing Reverence -Get Stolen Elemental Power Stolen Elemental Power ×10 from Mysterious Visitors
  10. [51] Protection of the King of the Water -Talk with Polython
  11. IF you have also completed [51] Response to the Investigation, you now have access to the final quest in the Heart of the Ocean access chain
  12. [51] King of the Water's Blessing -Release the Water Energy near Waterstone
  13. [51] Hidden in the Forest -Eliminate 25 parasitic Entlings feeding on the Romanjis

Muttering Forest[edit | edit source]

Kulapik Cybon

Osha Keluo

Woodchop Village[edit | edit source]

Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

unlocked by Powerful and Ancient Man-Eaters and Good God! The Stench...
Mick SupanLao Timiz

  1. [53] A Chance at Redemption - Get Ic Hardskull Troll Tooth x15
  2. [53] Procurement Grunt Gone AWOL -
  3. Click on a Suspicious-looking Spider Cocoon in Bloodfang Clan to proceed
  4. [53] Breakout - Use Ic Layse's Mysterious Potion to dissolve the cocoon

unlocked by A Chance at Redemption and Secret Spider Weapon?
Mick SupanLao TimizPlo Narsen

  1. [53] Avenging the Dead - Get Ic Bloodfang Troll Tooth x15
  2. [53] The Viscount's Gift - Collect a reward
  3. complete Devourer in the Dark to proceed
  4. [53] Frontline Fighters - Deliver the Ic Letter About Trolls to Shiwal Lanbie at Bunga Lake Camp

Spiders and Trolls quest chain[edit | edit source]

Mick SupanLao Timiz [Guard Supply Officer] • Layse Ikali [Ecology Research Team Member]

  1. [53] Refreshing Spring Water - Ask the villagers for a bowl of Ic Clean Water
  2. [53] Idle Soldiers? - Find the missing soldiers
  3. [53] To Catch a Killer - Search for clues
  4. [53] An Unknown Organism? - Show the hair to Layse Ikali
  5. [53] An Ancient and Deadly Foe - Learn about Trolls
  6. Layse Ikali
  7. [53] Into the Hardskull Troll Lair - Sneak into Hardskull Clan and get the Ic Observation Box
  8. [53] The Troll's Natural Enemy - Use the Ic Spider Cage to capture 10 Deadwood Spiders and 10 Tusk Spiders
  9. [53] Secret Spider Weapon? - Toss the Ic Spider Fluid Mixture on a Bloodfang Hunter
  10. [53] Another Kind of Spider? - Scout the Bloodfang Clan
  11. [53] Devourer in the Dark - Deliver Ic Layse's Warning Letter to Lao Timiz

Bunga Lake Camp[edit | edit source]

Kalay Muoi [Doctor]

Lazri Balant [Order of Dark Glory Soldier]

Jungle Marsh quest chain[edit | edit source]

Shiwal Lanbie [Order of Dark Glory Lieutenant] • Aymon Carledo [Order of Dark Glory Supply Officer] • Ladi Hiray [Order of Dark Glory Captain] in Woodspring Village RuinsCrazy Spog in Jungle Marsh

  1. [53] Mercenary Trouble - Find Aymon Carledo
  2. [53] Troll Bait - Gather Ic Stripy Sawmouth Meat x6 from Stripy Sawmouths
  3. [53] Please Do Not Feed? - Feed a Troll and see what happens
  4. [53] Reason for Suspicion - Report to Shiwal Lanbie
  5. [53] In Hiding - Find Ladi Hiray
  6. [53] Mercenary's Duty - Get some leather
  7. [53] Watchtower Status - Find out what is delaying the Scout
  8. [53][Elite] Diversion - Kill 5 Kaa Agents and 3 Kaa Warriors to create a diversion
  9. [53] Deadly Venom - Find Crazy Spog
  10. [53] Moss Monster Sap - Get Ic Moss Monster Sap x6
  11. [53] Special Potion - Take the Snakebite Antidote to Ladi Hiray
  12. [53] Return Gift - Give the ointment to Crazy Spog
  13. [53] Memory of Woodspring Village - Talk with Crazy Spog about his past
  14. [53] Return and Request Replacement - Return the ointment to Ladi Hiray
  15. [53][Elite] Spot Check - Get the Ic Zurhidon Research Report from Zurhidon Researcher in Naga Outpost
  16. [53][Group] Cut Off at the Source - Find and kill Carlos Matteo
  17. [53] More Power - Speak with Crazy Spog
  18. [53] Alliance - Report back to Ladi Hiray

Hero's Tomb[edit | edit source]

Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

See Epic - One Thousand Years of Slavery for quests at this location.

Heart of the Ocean[edit | edit source]

The following quests and quest lines all start outside Heart of the Ocean (HotO), mostly in Boulderwind Village. Some of them may also be listed above in the series that lead up to them.

You must complete Obtain Blessing to unlock access to HotO and the following quests
Mavate Daviny in Boiulderwind VillageJiatu

  1. [55] Collaboration with the Tiktaalik - Deliver the Ic Written Pact and the Ic Weeping Coast Recording Conch to Jiatu

Kuman Leiter in Boiulderwind Village

  1. [55] Unexpected Trouble - Listen to his troubles
  2. [55][Group] Terrible Dream - Get a Ic Dreamland Crystal Fragment from Bloodthirsty Claw in Heart of the Ocean

Kerwin Tamifay in Boiulderwind Village

Item Triggered: Ic Broken Harpoon from Teeth of the Reef

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