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Warnorken Arena

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Chapter III Instances: Dungeon of Dalanis, Warnorken Arena, Raksha Temple, Kawak's Tomb

File:Map - Warnorken Arena.jpg
Map of Warnorken Arena
The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Instanced Dungeon
Expansion Ch.III: The Elder Kingdoms
Level Range 58+
Connecting Zones Southern Janost Forest
Max Players 6
Progress Saved? No
Quests Mobs Objects
Warnorken Arena

Please see Instance List for a table of all Instances, by the zone they are found in, and the quests that are involved with them.

History[edit | edit source]

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Players: Level 58+
  • Bosses: 5

The Dragon Manticos[edit | edit source]

  • Hits nice on tank (11k-15k on level 60) plus random hits on other party member. What is important that everybody stays behind tank (and not between tank and dragon). Similar to Andriol in HoS.
  • Every 40-45 seconds of so it goes up in air and has two casts:

-> 120k damage which is split equally between party members (when it comes down) -> 8 sec debuff on each party member which either petrifies the person for 15 seconds or does 9k damage to ppl close and cancels the debuff (e.g. no petrification).

The standard strategy is to use DS priest skill for the jump. Should be timed to go up at 80% of cast bar when dragon is up.

Or - (i) all stay together when dragons comes down (120k) and (ii) start running in pairs at 6 seconds of the stone debuff (and make sure ppl run in pairs so that they cancel the stone debuff on each other)

The great Gladiator Mukhan[edit | edit source]

I think the best boss in WA. Does damage on tank + lot of AoE (like 3-4k per tick) and a couple of short term debuffs (like knock down). It also has a stacking debuff which reduces your all your abilities.

The special part is when he "pulls everybody to himself" and starts an 4 second cast. You need to run away (good reflexes and no speed buff it is easily possible) or you take a 90% HP hit followed by one of his favorite Aoe DoT's. You can also take the hit and use phiri and survive (some lazy priests always take the hit.

So it is run away / run back / dps.

Consul Marachi[edit | edit source]

Tank & spank and healer's boss. Tank turns away rest dps from behind.

She has 2 different DoTs: the green one and the red one, they both reduce healing by 75% and deal 4k damage over time. To remove the red DoT, players need to stand together (very close, same pixel even), to remove the green one they need to spread out.

It also has stacking buff that increases aggro of party members (vs. tank) but for a good tank it should not be an issue at all. Otherwise ppl need to watch aggro.

Sir Reuen von Jura[edit | edit source]

This is the messy fight category. The boss has a couple of special abilities:

  • 4k DoT to everybody
  • nice frontal AoE (I think Sword Breath Strike)
  • Shadow prison for the tank (10 seconds) - or rather frontal SP (needs confirmation on this)
  • casts circles on the ground over random party members, that will do damage and drain mana BIG times if the person does not move out within 1-2 seconds (it can be on tank while in SP). On top if a person fails to move out it will add a stacking ability boost to the boss.

Strategy: tank should slowly kite the boss around the room always watching the position of others (especially healers) to make sure there is room for them to move. Nobody's rum is STILL breaking the SP cast by the boss - so it is advised for the tank. Priest should really try to avoid the circles - tank can stand it with mana return, phiri pot and good healing.

Marachi and Von Jura[edit | edit source]

5th boss is 3 + 4 together but significantly weaker.

There are multiple strategies:
1. Tank takes them both.
2. Someone off tanks.
3. Scout kites lady.
In all case recommended (at least we do) to kill man first.

What i have observed that in case you use two tanks (either off tank or scout kiting) the bosses will debuff the tank of the other. E.g. If tank is on Man - will get the red rose debuff (less healing) If scout is on Woman - will get the circles.

The good news is that circles disappear - so the room is less messy and better for kiting.