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(Feral Guardian)

Warden/warriors are capable of both very high damage and tanking. They are equipped with a large number of buffs that can massively affect the damage dealt and received. Damage is determined by Main weapon hand DPS, strength, and physical attack. Two handed axes or swords are recommended for this class combination.

Main Ways of Build[edit | edit source]

Tank- Using Spirit of the Oak makes Warden/warriors very effective tanks by greatly increasing defense and adding additional aggro to some skills. Their four main Aggro-gain skills are Double chop, Cross chop, Beast chop, and Pulse mastery. And you can reduce your party's aggro by using Feral Leader. Warden/warriors can also massively increase their defense and reduce damage they receive.

Recommended stats: Sta/def (x3), Sta/patk (x2) and Sta/hp (x1) and 1 piece of gear with Str/patk (x6)

DPS- Warden/warriors can also be incredibly high DPS characters, due to their large number of short duration attack buffs.

Recommended stats: Str/Patk (x6)

Skills[edit | edit source]

(to see Class Main Skills of Warden, see Warden Skills)

Secondary Class Basic Skills[edit | edit source]

Elite Skills[edit | edit source]

Combos[edit | edit source]

(to see Basic Combos of class, see at Warden)

Notes[edit | edit source]