Ventis Leggings

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Worth: 153Gold 

This item is created by TailoringTailoring (1).

Tailoring (Production)
Shop male leg s001 s01-cloth-07.png
Ventis Leggings
Tier 1
Requires Level 15
Cloth Lower Body
Worth: 153 Gold
+6 Intelligence
+9 Magical Attack

Ventis Sage I (4) Cloth
Ventis Robe Ventis Robe
Ventis Leggings Ventis Leggings
Ventis Crown Ventis Crown
Ventis Boots Ventis Boots
3 Pieces: +50 Maximum MP
4 Pieces: Piece +50 Maximum MP, +20 Wind resistance, +18 Wisdom
Upgrades: see Ventis Sage II

Recipe - Ventis Leggings Recipe - Ventis Leggings
Requires TailoringTailoring level 1
Raw Materials:
Elemental Crystal Elemental Crystal ×1
Smashed Water Essence Fragment Smashed Water Essence Fragment ×3
Tiny Magical Remnant Tiny Magical Remnant ×3
Purify Rune Purify Rune ×3
Ventis Leggings Ventis Leggings ×1

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This item is part of an upgradable set. Each piece is craftable using Template:Crfaftlink (1). Each piece's recipe requires the previous piece as an ingredient.
  1. Ventis Leggings Ventis Leggings
  2. Ventis Magician's Leggings (RW/NRW/Ggl)
  3. Ventis Archmage Leggings Ventis Archmage Leggings