Varanas City (Quest Series)

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Varanas City (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneSilverspring
Rec. Levels1 to 20
Previous Howling Mountains
Next Silverspring
Aslan Valley
See alsoQuest Series

For more quests in this range that involve many of the same areas in Silverspring, see the Silverspring quest series.

Elves: See Varanas City Guide for Elves

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Epic Quests[edit | edit source]

There are 2 Epic Quest Series with Chapters that take place wholly or partially in Varanas City

Major Series[edit | edit source]

City Introduction[edit | edit source]

George in Logar sent you to see Derek outside the city at Varanas Gates (Check in with the Adventurers' Guild) which leads you into this series

  1. [12] Rusty Weapons - Derek sends you to Alden in Varans Lower City West
  2. [12] Guess Who's Hopping to Dinner - Deliver flowers to Aileen in Varans Lower City East
  3. [12] Greng's Weapon Shop - Aileen sends you to Greng in Varans Lower City East
  4. [12] Birthday Cake - Greng sends you to Vega at the Armor House in Varanas Lower City West
  5. [12] The Important Chest - Vega sends you to Lymith at the Varanas Bank
  6. [12] The Varanas Auction House - Lymith sends you to Drosnan in Varanas Auction House
  7. [12] Novia the Transporter - Drosnan sends you to Novia at the entrance of the Varanas Guild Hall
  8. [12] Report to the Guild Leader - Novia sends you to Daris in the Varanas Class Hall

Ships of the Mind[edit | edit source]

The children of the city build magnificent ships and contest with one another, but they need your help to gather materials so their ship will be the best!

The Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. [13] The Final Battle - Part I - Ancher in Varanas Lower City West
  2. [13] The Final Battle - Part II - Anlia in Varanas Lower City East

The High Seas[edit | edit source]

Complete all 5 and receive the title, Flying Institute's Closest Ally Flying Institute's Closest Ally

(Epic) The Seductive Dark Pearl - Chapter I[edit | edit source]

For the entire Epic quest series, see The Seductive Dark Pearl quest series

Chapter I - Here's Your Scion[edit | edit source]

Phil August - upstairs, in the Varanas Council Hall

  1. [14][Epic] Code of Honor - Return Phil's homework to Berol
  2. [14][Epic] Book Delivery - Deliver a history book to Phil August
  3. [14][Epic] Mystery Magic Formula
  4. [14][Epic] The Final Step
  5. [14][Epic] Holyspring Amulet
  6. [16][Epic] Runestone Energy
  7. [16][Epic] Amulet Transfer - Take the Holy Water Amulet back to Phil August
  8. [17][Epic] Looking for Louie
  9. [19][Epic] Secret Mission - Return to Phil August when your level is 19 or higher.

King Kobold Revived[edit | edit source]

King Kobold Revived quest chain: starts with Carphil in Silverspring on the road to the Howling Mountains
This series ultimately rewards the Upper Body piece of the Silverspring's Hope armor set
Dramatis Personae: CarphilMiseTheronTeresalanressPan

  1. Carphil:
    1. [10] Driving Off the Kobolds - Kill 10 Kobold Marauders
    2. [10] Carphil's Report - Report to Mise
  2. Misa: [10] To Peerston - Report to Theron at Peerston Farm
  3. Theron: [12] Report on the Kobold Situation - Report to Teresa in Varanas Lower City West
  4. Teresa: [15] Find the Lost Guard - Find Lanress at Goblin Farm
  5. Lanress:
    1. [15] Rescue the Captured Guard - Get Kobold Marauder's Key
    2. [15] The Lost Guard's Message - Speak to Teresa
  6. Teresa: [15] Seek Pan's Help - Speak to Pan
  7. Pan:
    1. [15] Gathering Kobold Poison - Get Kobold Toxin Kobold Toxin ×10 from Kobold Shamans
    2. [15] Collecting Ingredients - Get Pure Yellow Grass ×10 from Pure Yellow Grass near the city gates
    3. [15] Use the Antidote - Spoil the Poison Cauldron
  8. Teresa: [16][Group] Killing the Kobold Leader - Kill Kipos
  9. [1] Kobold Leader's Plans - Speak to Teresa

The Power of Wishing[edit | edit source]

Gold phase --> Materials phase --> Instance phase

Gold phase[edit | edit source]

You can toss 300Gold  into the Fountain and get a blessing.

unlocked by Internal Flag: 546165
Mistrotle (in Dalanis Central Plaza) or others
       0. [10] Varanas Wishing Well - Make a wish and toss some coin!

unlocked by Internal Flag: 546067
Wishing Well GuideKarmus [Great Mage Letters Researcher] • Fulik Allen

  1. [10] Great Mage Letters - Speak to Karmus in the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom
  2. [10] Research on the Great Mage Letters - Ask Mogate to explain the Great Mage Letters
  3. Triple Collaboration:
  4. [10][Daily][1/day] Varanas Wishing Well - Make a wish and toss some coin!

When the total Gold donated server-wide exceeds 200,000,000Gold  the Gold phase ends and opens the Materials phase.

The server adds 3,000Gold  every 20 seconds, giving a maximum duration of this phase of just over 15.4 days.

Materials phase[edit | edit source]

IF you talk to Karmus [Great Mage Letters Researcher] at the Wishing Fountain, and ask him "This is...?" he ports you to Falakens at Varanas Gates. Now you need to get Darkwater Crystal Darkwater Crystal ×5 by killing the nearby Darkwater Monstrosities for their Crystal Shard Crystal Shards. Speak to Falakens to have him assemble 5 Shards into a complete Darkwater Crystal Darkwater Crystal. When you have Darkwater Crystal Darkwater Crystal ×5 give them to Falakens to get the Peacemaker's Gift Peacemaker's Gift. Use that to get common items. Repeat this to eventually open the Instance.

It takes 26,000 Darkwater Crystal Darkwater Crystals, server-wide, to open the Instance, but every minute the server adds 3 Darkwater Crystal Darkwater Crystals whether anyone actually hands any in or not. So, if no one does anything, the Materials phase lasts no more than 6.2 days.

Instance phase[edit | edit source]

Stub We are truly not sure what happens here.

Ancient Power[edit | edit source]

Introduction to the Arcanium Chamber instanced zone

See the Ancient Power quest series.

Varanas[edit | edit source]

Greng - see City Introduction

Vega - see City Introduction

Central Plaza[edit | edit source]


Lymith - see City Introduction

Drosnan - see City Introduction

See Festivals for all the Festivals that fill Varanas Central Plaza throughout the year.

Lower City East[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

Lower City East contains the Instructors for Novice, Expert and Legend Gatherers, as well as Novice and Expert Cooking (plus Legend) and Tailoring.

Flora [Rose Granny]

  1. [15] The Peony Express - Deliver flowers to Julena

Aileen [Tailoring Shop Owner] - see City Introduction

Nata [Novice Herb Gathering Instructor]

  1. [1] Bring Me Mountain Demon Grass - Bring Mountain Demon Grass Mountain Demon Grass ×20 to Nata

Olute [Novice Mining Instructor]

  1. [1] Bring Me Zinc - Bring Zinc Ore Zinc Ore ×20 to Olute

Lausan [Novice Woodcutting Instructor]

  1. [1] Bring Me Ash - Bring Ash Wood Ash Wood ×20 to Nata

Lower City West[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

Here you will find Novice and Expert Instructors for Alchemy (plus Legend), Armorcrafting, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, and Planting (plus Legend)

Pan [Herb Granny]

  1. [10] Porgy's Cure - Deliver the Dry Lavender pack to Bakejam outside the Varanas Gates
  2. [14] Two Elderly Ladies, Two True Friends - Take the Black Perilla Herbal Pack to Flora in Lower City East

Alden - see City Introduction

Object: Varanas Bulletin Board - Daily Quests

Philidia Fanith

Bridge & Gates[edit | edit source]

Twace Kaht [Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild]

Administration District[edit | edit source]

Class Hall[edit | edit source]

Daris [Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Leader]

  1. Welcome to The Guild!
  2. [50] Seeking Assistance - Speak to Kafas Degan in Weeping Coast
  3. [93] Ominous Forebodings - Speak to Tabor Chanep, in the hallway northeast of Daris, for transport to Brinewind Castle

Lehman [Phirius Workshops]
He offers his quests depending on your current primary level:

Twace Kaht (Varanas Gates) • Polis Leighton [Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild]

  1. [20] Sign Up for Title Training - Go to Polis Leighton in Varanas City at the Varanas Class Hall
  2. [20][Daily] Water Wears Through a Rock - Complete 4 Title Training quests

Guild Hall[edit | edit source]


  1. [1] The Council President's Request - Find Luanda

Hall of the Eye of Wisdom[edit | edit source]


  1. [18] Secret Mission - Achieve level 18
  2. [20] An "Unspeakable" of the Eye of Wisdom - Kill Zurhidon Disciples until you find the Research Materials Research Materials.
  3. [25] Ancarlos Research Note - Kill Demon Witch Ancalon and return with the Book of Ancarlos Notes.

YarandorNaya ShupuloPhilidia Fanith

  1. [62] Varanas in Danger - Go talk to Naya Shupulo.
  2. [62] Enter Dreamland - Enter Julius' nightmare.

Marisus - in the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom

  1. [55] Code Red - Ask Marisus what is going on.

Elves[edit | edit source]

As an Elf you will be coming to Varanas City by airship, sometime after you reach level 10, to get your secondary class. After doing so you can return to Elven Island but, since you cannot do the quests again even when in your secondary class, all that would be there for you is any quests you failed to finish the first time, or grinding Daily Quests (ugh!). A much better choice may be to go to the Howling Mountains and do the Human low-level quests, or do what they do and go to Sascilia Steppes and level your secondary class there. You can also follow the lead-in quest from Daris, Supporting the Guard, and go out into Silverspring.

You received two new skills when you chose your secondary class: Transport: Reifort (to Reifort Camp in Sascilia Steppes) and Transport: Valley of Preparation to make travel a little easier. Apparently Elves do not get the transport skill for Logar in the Howling Mountains.

Also, as an Elf, some quests in Varanas are immediately available to you (such as the City Introduction series) and, once you choose your secondary class, certain other quests will open to you. You will, however, still be restricted by any minimum required levels and, because of this, you may notice some quests that were available to you before you changed your class are not available afterward.

Before Choosing Secondary[edit | edit source]

After Choosing Secondary[edit | edit source]

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