Vahtos' Apprentice (Quest Series)

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Vahtos' Apprentice (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneSilverspring
Rec. Levels15 to 50
See alsoQuest Series
Vahtos' Apprentice quest series is transcluded to the following Zone Quest Series pages: Silverspring, Aslan Valley, and Ystra Highlands

Vahtos' Apprentice's - found in multiple places throughout three zones. This series rewards five pieces of non-bound Superior-quality jewelry. Obviously, you are not going to complete this series in Silverspring. See the links, below, to find all the pieces!

All the Vahtos' Apprentice items do NOT become Bound and, when you outgrow it, you can give it to a younger friend or one of your alts. Even if every character on your accounts does not finish every one of these quests, you can eventually accumulate a complete set of Physical (Vahtos' Strike) and Magical (Vahtos' Spell) accessories for your new characters.

The Quests[edit | edit source]

Silverspring[edit | edit source]

Cunning Necklace Cunning Necklace: Jill Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 64.2, 99.0 ) between Forsaken Abbey and Twilight Mine

  1. [16] Advice from Vahtos' Apprentice - Kill 25 Silvermane Hounds
  2. [17] A Monster's Favorite - Gather Excellent Boar Meat Excellent Boar Meat ×3
  3. [18][Group] Crafty Bernok - Kill Crafty Bernok

Aslan Valley[edit | edit source]

Turmoil Ring Turmoil Ring: Aida Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 70.7, 19.7 ) Qilana Camp

  1. [24][Group] Vahtos' Apprentice's Test - Fight the Strange Dragonfly, get info, and run away!
  2. [24] The Monster's Weakness - Gather materials from Silverspring and Aslan Valley
  3. [24][Group] Crazy Kiosade - Kill Crazy Kiosade

Bloodthirst Earring Bloodthirst Earring: Becky Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 56.4, 66.1 ) Tavern "The Distillery"

  1. [30] Vahtos' Apprentice's Premonition - Find the Dried-up Bear Corpse
  2. [30][Group] Joblid the Giant Flower - Kill Joblid the Giant Flower

Ystra Highlands[edit | edit source]

Rage Earring Rage Earring: Catherine Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 54.8, 32.7 ) Sea of Snow Camp

  1. [33] Vahtos' Apprentice's Goodwill - Kill 35 Frostwood Valley Cyclopes
  2. [33] The Amulet in the Monster Compendium - Get 10 Tree Roots Full of Power Tree Roots Full of Power from Ents in New Moon Forest (Aslan Valley)
  3. [33][Group] Angry Jekarce - Kill Angry Jekarce

Cruelty Ring Cruelty Ring: Jenny Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice] ( 39.0, 46.6 ) Foxtrack Cave

  1. [37] Master Vahtos' Talisman - Get 3 Excellent items from Necropolis of Mirrors and Tower of Wailing Wind
  2. [37] Materials for a Body Amulet - Get 3 items from Frostwood Valley and the Sea of Snow
  3. [40][Group] Witch Queen Lemislive - Kill Lemislive