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Cypress, Texas, USA

I am Bludwyng, formerly the ZAM Network Sr. Wikibase Administrator.

I have been a professional programmer since 1982. My wiki coding started at EQ2i, where I was the primary Template creator (FlorenceSopher). After a year at EQ2i, Allakhazam approached me and I joined ZAM Network as their EQ2 Wikibase Admin but was quickly promoted to Sr. Wikibase Administrator where I stayed for 7 years.

I do not wiki because I can, I wiki because I must. it is in my blood to the point that I find it almost impossible to play an MMORPG without creating or contributing to a wiki for it.

In Runes of Magic, I play on the Aeterna server. My present main is Mithrandyr of Heaven's Fury guild. My other toons are Bludwyng, Donaldubh, Giblet and Elbehreth.

By the way, the original Bludwyng was my Arasai Defiler in EverQuest II, pictured up there by my name with the white hair, red eyes, and bug wings.

Hurricane Harvey Update

9/25/17 - My home was destroyed, but my computer survived. I am typing this on my phone as my PC has not been set back up, yet. It should be within the next week or so.

10/10/17 - My PC is finally up and running. The PS had issues, plus the old Creative sound card I was using was kerput. As soon as I removed that card it booted. Please bear with me while I come up to speed on Enoch.

This page was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Erebos playing as Mithrandyr of Heaven's Fury.

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