Universal Potion

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Cost: Goblin Champion Badge Goblin Champion Badge ×2
Maximum Stack Size: 999
Sold by:
Icon - Universal Potion.png
Universal Potion
Completely restores all HP, Mana, Rage, Energy and Focus.
Flower Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Flower Festival (February)

Sent out by the RoM Team via in-game mail on 10/16/2015 in a letter titled "Ghoulish Nights in Taborea!".

see Health Potions and Mana Potions

As of the 7.0.0 patch, this potion can no longer be used in PvP zones.

This item was a gift from Daily Loyalty Bonus in December 2016.

This item was a gift from Santa Claus (via mail) during the Snowflake Festival in December 2017.