Treasure Chest (Object)

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Treasure Chest
Type Quest
Zones Malatina's Course of Terror, Howling Mountains, Silverspring, Ystra Highlands, Salioca Basin, Goblin Mines

This object can only be interacted with when you have one of the listed Related Quests.

In Malatina's Course of Terror it requires a Fine Key Fine Key to open.

In Howling Mountains it requires a Treasure Chest Key Treasure Chest Key (dropped by Bubsitan) to open.

In Silverspring it requires a Treasure Chest Key Treasure Chest Key (spawns next to Sherfas) to open, and contains a number of Simple Magic Potion Simple Magic Potion and Simple First Aid Potion Simple First Aid Potion.

In Ystra Highlands, starts [36][Epic] Intelligence Expert Kaiza.

In Salioca Basin: Quest Object for [88][Daily] Every Last Penny. In the stream that starts in the south of Black Nest Lowlands and flows north to the lake at the Camp of Cleansing. Yields a Treasure Chest (SB) Treasure Chest (SB).

In Goblin Mines: In niches along the tunnel walls in Stage One, in a hut at the bottom of the first large chamber in Stage Two, and in front of each Elemental Forge in Stage Three.

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