Transport Rune

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See Item Shop Items

Using the Planting skill, this item can be grown from the following seed(s):
Moon Flower Seed Moon Flower Seed (1)

This item comes from:

Icon - Transport Rune.png
Transport Rune
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Transport Material
Cannot be sold
Using the transport function will consume 1 Transport Rune.

The Transport Rune Transport Rune is used to teleport you to a location you have marked in your Transport Book(the globe icon under your Backpack). You mark places in your Transport Book by going to the place you want to mark and clicking on "Mark Transport Point" in your Transport Book. You will need Marking Ink Marking Ink to mark a transport point.

Once you have a location marked in your Transport Book, you then click on the place in your Transport Book you want to go and then click on "Transport". You can also drag the icon next to the location you have marked in your Transport Book to a hot key slot and just click it to go to that location.

Each time you teleport to a location in your Transport Book it will consume 1 Transport Rune Transport Rune.

Transport Rune Transport Rune can be purchased 4 ways:

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