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Your Transport Book is one of the methods for moving around in Runes of Magic. To mark a new place, commonly referred to as "dropping ink", requires the consumption of one Marking Ink Marking Ink. This puts the POI name and the Zone name in your book with a small picture representative of the zone. Once marked you can teleport to that place from anywhere in the world except from Instances, your Residence or your Guild Castle. This requires the consumption of a Transport Rune Transport Rune.

Marking Ink Marking Ink and Transport Runes Transport Runes can be purchased from the Item Shop. You also receive a few for free from the "noobie packages".

Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

In many zones there will be hard to reach places that must be returned to from time to time. The first time you travel there it would be a good idea to "drop ink" there. We will try to notify you when/where the good places for this are by marking certain quest or POI pages with the tag you see at right. There are a list of quests and places we have marked at Category:Inkspots.

Special Note: IF you die in a really hard-to-reach spot and you want to be able to return to that spot later to continue, you CAN use Marking Ink Marking Ink WHILE DEAD to mark the spot of your death! Be certain the spot of your death is a safe spot or you will be set upon the moment you portal in!

Other methods of transportation include Ailic's Community Transport Portal (commonly called "Snoop Portals"), Black Codex Transport Spells (including the Black Codex Transport Spell Black Codex Transport Spell which can take you to the entrance of any instance in the game whether you have been there before or not) and, of course, Mounts.

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