Tragic Past

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[+] Land of Malevolence
 [+] Kampel Town
  [63][Group] Tragic Past
Expansion: Ch.IV: Lands of Despair
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Sean Card (RW/Ggl) @ Kampel Town (Land of Malevolence)
Related POIs:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Sean Card (RW/Ggl) @ Kampel Town
 XP: 678,558
 TP: 67,855
 Gold: 15,333Gold 

Quest Chain
  1. [63] Young Lord Grafu
  2. [63] Tragic Past
  3. [64] Lost Soul
Lands of Despair

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.

You need to be at least Level 61 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 55 to turn-in this quest.

This is a GROUP quest. Good luck.


Go to Lakeside Graveyard and figure out the reason for the existance of Crull Grafu's ghost.

Recommended group size: 4 and more

Goals: Understand the past

Young Lord Grafu
Land of Malevolence
Quest Series
Kampel Town
Lost Soul
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