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Quest Diad
[+] Ystra Labyrinth
 [+] R.C. Rear Base Camp
Expansion: Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Jiner Bighead @ Rear Base Camp of the Revivers' Corridor (Revivers' Corridor)
Related Zones:
Related Mobs:
Related Items:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Jiner Bighead @ Rear Base Camp of the Revivers' Corridor
Rise of the Demon Lord

This page refers to content introduced at launch, with Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord.

[39] Mysterious Powder
 XP: 28,689
 TP: 2,868
 Gold: 3,657Gold 

[39][Daily] Tiny Control Equipment
 XP: 21,516
 TP: 2,151
 Gold: 1,828Gold 
You will receive:

  • Min Level: 37
  • Turn-in: 31

  • Min Level: 37
  • Turn-in: 31


All quest groups (diads or triads) start with the Main, non-repeatable quest, which unlocks the repeatable quests.

MainGet Puppet Crystal Powder Puppet Crystal Powder ×10
DailyGet Puppet Crystal Powder Puppet Crystal Powder ×100


Whenever you kill any of the Related Mobs you will see a message that "you notice some strange glittering powder on the ground nearby." This is the Puppet Crystal Powder Puppet Crystal Powder. You do not need to loot this, it will be automatically picked up for you.

Turning in either of these quests begins Stage two: the death of the dead and the countdown until the arrival of the Corpse Carrier.

Ystra Labyrinth
Quest Series
R.C. Rear Base Camp

About Daily Quests

Daily Quests are repeatable up to a total (for all Daily Quests) of 10 times per day. The count can be reset to zero by purchasing and using a Daily Quest Ticket Daily Quest Ticket from the Item Shop (for 39Diamonds ($1.16) ) or from any Phirius Merchant (for 780Phirius Token Coins ).

You can add to your XP and/or TP gain by using one or more Leveling Potions such as a Dual-Function Daily Quest Potion Dual-Function Daily Quest Potion.
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