The Story of the Black Mary

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The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

This page covers material learned during the various quests of the Ravenfell quest series.

The Black Mary was a legendary pirate ship, the flagship of the Black Sail Pirates, captained by the infamous Snow Blake. Her first mate was Huck. Pannisa, Rose Westwood (aka Vivian Rhodes) and Sonora (aka Lanarus) were also aboard.[1]

A large part of her success was credited to her lookout, Lookout Luke. He had a Cursed Compass that, apparently, required him to stay sober for it to function (truly a curse fit for a pirate).[2]

One dark night, Luke was distracted, for just a moment, and the Black Mary struck a reef. Huck's baby daughter, Elsbeth, was thrown overboard into freezing waters. His wife, Ely Nausicaa, jumped overboard to save the child but both were lost.[3] They washed ashore along the Shackle Coast but Ely Nausicaa was injured and dying. With the last of her energy she placed her baby, Elsbeth, in a Chelon breeding nest,and died.[4]

Elsbeth was raised by the Chelons (which explains her odd manner of speech). Today she is known as Tooda, the Old Turtle Lady.[5]

The Black Mary and her crew found an incredible treasure and, in the moments that followed, Huck mutinied and took over from Snow Blake, killing anyone that would not follow him. Despite Huck's bloodthirsty purge of the disloyal, a number of people did escape including Haniya, Pannisa, Rose Westwood and Sonora, who reformed their crew as the Black Blood Merchants of Nameless Port.[6]

Shortly after Snow Blake died, Loyal Talomo planned to put a vicious curse on the mutineers but he was discovered and cruelly killed. In the moment of death he was possessed by an evil spirit of great power and forced them all to flee.[7]

Huck and the mutineers still fly the pirate flag, but now they call themselves the Shadowmoon Pirates. The Curse they are under has horribly transformed them all into Goblins!

The new captain found a legendary treasure map. In the difficult voyage to find the treasure the ship was run aground by a storm... right into the sunken ancient city described by the map![8] They found the treasure of gold coins but the Gold Coins they had found turned out to be cursed and, one by one, all of them have died except for Kondos Whiskey, in the Abandoned Fortress.

But the curse was not finished with them. They have been "revived" as the undead pirates of Black Sail Camp, guarding forever the Treasure Trove.

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