Epic - The Seductive Dark Pearl (Quest Series)

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Epic - The Seductive Dark Pearl (Quest Series)
Epic Quest Series
Starting ZoneVaranas City
Rec. Levels12 to 44
Next Epic - One Thousand Years of Slavery
Great Barrier
See alsoQuest Series
Epic Quest Series

This quest series starts in Varanas City with the homework of a spoiled son of a nobleman, and ends...?

Start this series by killing a Whirlwind Beetle just outside the Varanas Gates and examining the Luminous Emblem Luminous Emblem it drops. This will begin the quest, The Emblem's Owner, and the series.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Item-Triggered: Luminous Emblem Luminous Emblem

  1. [12The Emblem's Owner] The Emblem's Owner

Chapter I: Here's Your Scion[edit | edit source]

Phil AugustBerol - in the Varanas Council Hall and Silverspring

  1. [14][Epic] Code of Honor - Return Phil's homework to Berol
  2. [14][Epic] Book Delivery - Deliver a history book to Phil August
  3. [14][Epic] Mysterious Magical Formula - Catch a Flame Butterfly
  4. [14][Epic] The Final Step - Phil summons a Flame Beast. Hold it at bay until Hal arrives to banish it!
  5. [14][Epic] Holy Spring Amulet
  6. [16][Epic] Runestone Energy
  7. [16][Epic] Amulet Transfer - Take the Holy Water Amulet back to Phil August
  8. [17][Epic] Looking for Louie
  9. [19][Epic] Secret Mission - Return to Phil August when your level is 19 or higher.

Chapter II: A Mysterious Ancient Text[edit | edit source]

Auskor FalBrandy ManlinRoland EbonBenny LawsonAhaloCynthia - in Aslan Valley

  1. [20][Epic] Obscure Ancient Text - Take the Ancient Text to Auskor Fal at Tagena in Silverspring
  2. [20][Epic] Auskor Fal's Introduction Letter - Take the Ancient Text to Brandy Manlin at Qilana Camp in Aslan Valley
  3. [22][Epic] Sacrificial Chalice - Find the Sacrificial Chalice in the Sacrificial Mound by the pond
  4. [23][Epic] Materials for Revealing the Prayer - Obtain 8 Sticky Body Fluids from Irontail Anteaters
  5. [26][Epic] Revealing the Prayer - Place the Sticky Chalice on the Holy Stone on Bloodhound Mountain
  6. [26][Epic] Chalice Inscription - Take the Chalice Inscription and find Benny Lawson in Silverfall
  7. [28][Epic] Ancient Reference Book - Borrow the Ancient Reference Book from Tarkun in Silverfall
  8. [28][Epic] Rite of Hope - Obtain 7 Silent Essences from Wandering Ents in New Moon Forest and 7 Grease Grease from Sharpclaw Bears
  9. [28][Epic] Rite Ceremony
  10. [29][Epic] Drunkard's Proverb - Talk to Ahalo at "The Distillery"
  11. [30][Epic] Accidental Gift - Talk to Cynthia [Tavern Owner] in front of the fireplace
  12. [30][Epic] Cloak Material - Get a Tenacious Vine from the Bloodthirsty Demon Vine King and 8 Claws from Shaggy Bears
  13. [30][Epic] Wine Delivery
  14. [32][Epic] Louie's Tent

Chapter III: Ice and Fire[edit | edit source]

Apenny EliKalza KentLouie August - in Ystra Highlands

  1. [34][Epic] Apenny's Scroll
  2. [34][Epic] Obtain Investigation Information
  3. [34][Epic] Frostwood Valley's Records from the Past
  4. [36][Epic] Intelligence Expert Kaiza - open a chest in Frostwood Valley and read a letter to start.
  5. [36][Epic] Secret Book of the Minotaurs
  6. [37][Epic] Dark Ritual of the Ancient Text
  7. [37][Epic] Sacrifice of Fresh Blood
  8. [38][Epic] Open the Seal
  9. [38][Epic] Emergency Letter Delivery
  10. [38][Epic] Test of the Magic Phantom Pearl
  11. [40][Epic] A Crucial Report
  12. [40][Epic] Contacting Lof

Chapter IV: Dungeons and Dragons[edit | edit source]

Lof JerroldFuling - in Dragonfang Ridge

  1. [42][Epic] The Witch called Fuling
  2. [44][Epic] Zorath the Winged Dragon
  3. [44][Epic] Magic Circle of Light
  4. [44][Epic] Icebound Talisman
  5. [44][Epic] Purification Ritual
  6. [44][Epic] Returning
  7. [44][Epic] Louie and Phil's Invitation
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