The Mystery Hermit's Companion

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see also: Mystery Hermit

For Sale:

                  See Items sold by this NPC
                  The Mystery Hermit's Companion
                  Race (MCT)Donkey (Beast)
                  LevelNon-Player Character
                  LocationHowling Mountains ( 50.5, 33.5 )
                  Atop a hill within sight of Snoop the Stubborn
                  The Mystery Hermit's Companion

                  This mob cannot be located using World Search.

                  Each of the items he "sells" are available for Peak Fragment Peak Fragment ×300. These are the 3 items you need for [100] Crossing the Mountain Path which unlocks earning XP in your Peak Levels.

                  Peak This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the achievement or promotion of Peak Level
                  Sub-heading: Peak Hunting System