The Mysterious Auras

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Runes of Magic announced on their Facebook page that 9-6-2016 to 9/13-2016 three new buffs would be available.

More information can be found on their forums.

Between September 6th (after the maintenance) and September 13th (until the maintenance), you will be able to use 3 beneficial buffs at your convenience, which will help you defeat bosses in the selected instances (listed below).

List of instances:

What is it about?[edit | edit source]

When you enter one of the listed instance, you will get an additional “skill bar”. This bar contains different buffs depending on where you are. These buffs are available:

  • Maximum HP
  • Physical & Magical Attack
  • Physical & Magical Defense

You can use all of them and they will stay as long as you stay in the instance. Once you leave, they will disappear.