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The old kingdom of Dalanis is in chaos and uproar and plots are being laid for the child king Callaway’s throne. Little is left of the former splendour of the days of the legendary King Kalume and, amidst the confusion, the people yearn for the return of the old heroes.
Dalanis once was a small kingdom, existing in peaceful coexistence with its neighbors on the continent. When the great King Kalume rose to power he united all the lands and was the founding father of a flourishing Kingdom known by the name of "Dalanis". When the last king Motwas died, his son Callaway was forced to succeed him at the age of 14. However when the king died, the rulers of the several provinces saw their chance to become supreme leader of the "Zavill Lands" as the continent is called now.

Marauding knights in the service of rival princes now form part of the plains of the immense Thunderhoof Hills, named after Kalume’s powerful hoards of horsemen with whom the glorious King once defeated the demons. With the help of Lance, his loyal general, commandant of the Lionheart Guard, and protector of the royal family of Dalanis, the child king Callaway is trying to maintain the sensitive balance between the princedoms and to unite his sprawling kingdom once again.

Will the progeny of the legendary heroes who once aided Kalume in the battle against the demons decide to stand by the child king? Will one of the many different peoples in Zandorya attempt to seize power and overthrow the young Callaway?

Features[edit | edit source]

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Expanded Skill System

  • A skill extension that will offer more versatility and customization options.
  • It will not replace the existing system but add greatly to it.

Guild Training Grounds

  • Players can participate in a kind of mini-game to train and improve their characters' proficiency in battle.
  • In the new training-ground mini-games players can not only earn Honour points to spend on special equipment but also receive powerful buffs that will help their guild on the way to the top.
    • Spirit Warrior - You have to kill as many evil monstrous creatures as possible within the set time period of 15 minutes on an enclosed training ground. Whoever survives the two waves of attacks will find themselves face-to-face with a fierce boss opponent. Players will be rewarded for successfully completing the ‘Spirit Warrior’ trial with honor points which can be exchanged for valuable armor parts with special NPCs in the Obsidian Stronghold.
    • Needle Drill - The mini game ‘Needle Drill’ transports players into a quadratic obstacle course consisting of 25 fields. Steel spike rise randomly from the floor which remorselessly drain players of their HP. The more needles you manage to avoid in this mini game, the more honor points you can collect.
    • Call of the Horns - Guild members will be launched into battle in the third new mini game‚ ‘Call of the Horns’ where they must choose which side they would like to fight on, the weaker but good-natured ‘White Furs’ or the evil but stronger ‘Black Horns’ who are fighting to the death. After deciding which team you’d like to serve on all hell will break loose and whoever destroys the opposing team’s flag within 10 minutes wins.

Marriage System

  • Once a player has decided that his (or her) character is ready to take responsibility for a marriage, the player can propose to his beloved one and the two love birds can tie the knot.
  • In exchange they will get a special token of the partner's love. This item will grant both players a small bonus and can have additional effects.

Instance Difficulty Levels

  • Players will have the option to adjust difficulty of instances easier or harder.
  • Loot will be adjusted according to the chosen difficulty.

Card Stat System

  • 48 new monster cards will be added to the game.
  • The cards will provide specific attribute points alongside the usual monster information, which improve the basic stats of your character.

New Regions[edit | edit source]

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The new continent will be bigger than any existing zone so far. We are looking at a size of multiple zones.
The new continent will be one big zone with different areas. The themes of the certain areas varies from the mountainous north where according to legend an ancient race once erected a huge underground empire to the southern plains, with their frugal and mild climate. There lies the kingdom of Dalanis. In the west the players will find the Janost forest.

Thunderhoof Hills (55-57)
A region of far-reaching, diverse landscapes.

In the south of Zandorya lie the verdant Thunderhoof Hills which are surrounded by an imposing mountain range. The region is characterized by its green meadows, rushing waterfalls and wild rivers. Several settlements are nestled in this picturesque landscape as well as the Valley of Glory where mammoth effigies of ancient war heroes rise up to the sky as reminders of past glorious battles. These were the battles in which the legendary King Kalume and his mounted allies once fought against demons and after whom the region was named. Kalume recruited elves, dwarves and other creatures alongside humans such as the rhinoceros-like Kalo people. In recognition of their support Kalume divided up the land amongst these peoples so that the land of Thunderhoof Hills is still diversely populated today.

  • The Kingdom of Dalanis(City)
  • The Forest of Milanos
  • The Princedom of Avano
  • The Waterfall of the Falling Sun
  • Ayren Stronghold
  • The Grave of the King and his Six Princes
  • Silverstar Camp
  • Valley of Glory

Southern Janost Forest (57-58)

  • More information coming soon

Northern Janost Forest (58-60)

  • More information coming soon

Release Date[edit | edit source]

Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms is scheduled to be released in May 2010.