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(optional) PAGENAMENS is assumed. Use name to override this, if needed.
category, subcategory
(implied)If category=Quest Titles and zone= is blank, then the Subcategory is Special, else it is the name of the zone. see Category:Titles by Category.
series, hub
If series= is defined it will override zone= in the link to the quest series. Otherwise, just leave it blank. This is used for zones where more than one quest series is used to cover the zone (like Sascilia Steppes.

Icons[edit source]

The Icons (for both left and right) should be as close to square as possible, and should be uploaded as .png files with transparent backgrounds. The right-hand icons are medals with O or I to VIII on them hence I have used the convention of naming them by their Roman numeral, such as I (RoM Title Icon). The left-hand icons are apparently taken from every source in the game. From my screeenshots the left-hand medals have a absolute minimum of 43x43, and the right-hand are 48x48. Whatever, this template will set the width to 40px so if the icon is not at least close to square, may the gods have mercy.

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