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Quest / Daily / Public / Regional / Triad / Peak Mob / Group / Race / Boss Item / Rune / Set / Display Skill POI Object Zone Linkers
The above navigation bar is not part of this template's output. It is for your assistance, only.

This template accomplishes all the automatic category cross-linking which gives us some of the cross-referencing of a database.

Usage: ((Rom|option1|option2|option3|...}}

(case insensitive) One of the list of options, below
(Case Sensitive) Use varies depending on the value of option1
(Case Sensitive) Use varies depending on the value of option1

Additional Options

If option1 is:

  • D=Dictionary (Dictionary)
  • L=Lore (Lore)
  • CT=Compendium Type (for Categories under Category:Compendium Types)
  • MC=Monster Compendium Cards (add to Category:MC Cards)
  • IT=Item Type (for Categories under Category:Item Types)
  • WT=Weapon Type (for Categories under Category:Weapon Types)
  • ISN=Items Sold by NPC (for Categories under Category:Items Sold by NPC)
  • MT=Mob Type (for Categories under Category:Mob Types)
  • QT=Quest Type (for Categories under Category:Quest Types)
  • QC=Quests by Crafting Profession. See Category:Crafting Quests
  • ZT=Zone Type (for Categories under Category:Zone Types)
  • ZLT=Zone Loot Table (for Categories under Category:Loot Tables by Zone) (Skeleton, Example)
  • ME=Mobs by Expansion DEPRECATED!!! Template:Mob does not have a field for Expansion!
  • MP=Mobs by POI (put the zone name in option2) (for Categories under Category:Mobs by POI)
  • MZ=Mobs by Zone (for Categories under Category:Mobs by Zone)
  • MG=Mob Groups. for Categories under Category:Mob Groups. IF this group appears in a single zone only (probable) put the zone name in option2. If they likewise appear in a single POI, place the POI name in option3.
  • OZ=Objects by Zone (put the zone name in option2) (for Categories under Category:Objects by Zone)
  • OT=Object Type (for Categories under Category:Object Types)
  • QP=Quests by POI (put the zone name in option2) (for Categories under Category:Quests by POI)
  • QPZ or QZP=Quests by POI within a Zone.
  • QE=Quests by Expansion (for Categories under Category:Quests by Expansion)
  • QZ=Quests by Zone (for Categories under Category:Quests by Zone)
  • DQZ=Daily Quests by Zone (for Categories under Category:Daily Quests by Zone)
  • PQZ=Public Quests by Zone (for Categories under Category:Public Quests by Zone)
  • RP=Resources by POI - includes Zones too. (for Categories under Category:Resources by POI)
  • ZE=Zones by Expansion (for Categories under Category:Zones by Expansion)
  • ZT=Zone Types (for Categories under Category:Zone Types)
  • TC=Titles by Category. If this is a subcategory, use option2 for the name of the parent.
  • CT=Compendium Types. If this is a subcategory, use option2 for the name of the parent.
  • Rune=This is a disambig page which contains information for all tiers of the named Rune.
  • Minigame=Displays the musical note icon and adds the page to Category:Minigames
  • InstType=Instructor Type.
  • InstTier=Instructor Tier (put the Type in option2)
  • ISS=Item Set Skills
  • MCS - Monster Compendium Sub - Place the affected stat in option2
  • Merchant=Merchant (option2 is the Merchant Type, option3 is the subtype)
    • nomerch switch to suppress automatic linking of /merchandise for this Merchant Type
    • example: Carpentry Recipe Merchant, option2=Recipe, option3=Carpentry
    • example: General Merchant, option2=blank, option3=blank
  • PML - Potion Merchants by Level Range
  • GML - General Merchants by Level Range
  • S - Skills
  • SC - Skills by Class
  • ESPC - Elite Skills by Primary Class (primary class in option2)
  • GSC - General Skills by Class (primary class in option2)
  • PSC - Primary-only Skills by Class (primary class in option2)

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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