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The above navigation bar is not part of this template's output. It is for your assistance, only.

This template is now DEPRECATED and should not be used on new Quest pages. Instead, please use Template:BWQuest.

This converter takes pages using the old Template:Quest and converts it to call Template:BWQuest to do the actual work, adding extra output to cover the differences.

Sadly, there was absolutely nothing in the old template that allows us to tell if the quest is a Daily or just a plain old normal quest.

Some fields that were not in the original Quest template are added to make simple edits to adapt old to new pages easier without a full re-write. Those new fields will appear at the bottom of the template skeleton, after next=.

| image        = 
| task         = 
| goals        = 
| notes        =
| section      = 
| subsection   = 
| questlevel   = 
| minimumlevel = 
| startnpc     = 
| endnpc       = 

For documentation of the original fields, see Template:OldQuest

Added Fields

If the Quest Page is so so broken by this converter that the following fields cannot bring it up to snuff the page should be re-written using Template:BWQuest

blank, Daily, Public, Epic or Regional
(Daily Quests only) how many Phirius Tokens are rewarded?
section is often NOT the zone name, so on those quests we need the zone.
The name of the Quest Series page without the (Quest Series) extension!
name of the subsection of the Quest Series page this quest is listed under. On most pages, this is the name of the POI where the quest starts but on Epic and Multizone pages it might be the Zone name.
(commalist) This should always start with the POI name where the quest starts, then you can add other POIs that are involved in the quest.
(backwards compatible) summary of the task (displayed in body of quest, not in quest infobox)
(backwards compatible) detailed description of the task (displayed in body of quest, not in quest infobox)
(backwards compatible) What the NPC will say if you speak to them again during the quest (displayed in body of quest, not in quest infobox)
(backwards compatible) completion text (displayed in body of quest, not in quest infobox)
(backwards compatible) rewards (displayed in body of quest, not in quest infobox)
pqtype, nqtype
If previous or next is defined, what questtype are they?

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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