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Place this tag on a Named Mob page and his placeholder to display the relationship. The template checks the 2 names against the current page name to determine where it is. IF there is a list of common mobs where each mob in the list has a more-or-less equal chance to spawn when anyone in the list dies, use Template:Shared Spawn.

This template defines "Named Mob" as any of the following mob types: Named Mob, Boss, Rare Monster, Sub-Boss, or Quest Monster

Usage: {{PH|rarer_mob|common_mob|raretype=|commontype=|rarepct=|timer=}}

raretype, commontype
(optional) the mobtype for use in the moblink
Percentage chance for that spawn point to respawn as the rarer mob.
(optional) how long does it take for this mob to respawn? "8 hours"? "24 hours"? etc.

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This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

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