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use this template to link to a Runes of Magic Mob. We do this so that, if future changes require moving things around, we can do it by bot and alter the linking here to fix it everywhere.

Usage: {{namoblink|mob_name|alternate_text|title|alt=|subhead=}}

Non-Aggro MOBLINK - Shorthand for Passive (yellow) mobs

Controls colorizing of the link. See Template:Colors
Passive=yellow For THIS variation of the linker, mobtype is always passive.
(optional) Sometimes, a specific mob name appears in more than one zone, such as Zurhidon Disciple. Sometimes, a mob and a quest share the same name, such as Headless Knight and Headless Knight. This option allows us to link directly to the correct subsection of the page.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

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