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This template should be at the top of EVERY (Mob Group) Category page. It displays an info box on the right with a Default Image, and sets links to multiple categories this Mob Group belongs to.

The picture assumes an image located at [[File:Group - {{PAGENAMENS}}.jpg]]. It tests for the existence of the image before trying to display it.

  • 9/7/15 - removed languages. RoM does not really do anything with languages. It is kinda silly that we ever included it.


{{Mob Group

All fields are commalist-enabled.

(optional) Some groups, such as Thieving Marauders, are comprised of more than one race. If this field is blank we will display "Multiple"
(optional) most every mob in the game is a Knight but some are others. List them.
(optional) If this group has a Boss, or just a chieftain, name it.
(optional) The default (blank) is, of course, Aggressive (red)
(required) list the zones this mob group frequents
(optional) list the POIs they haunt. If they are found everywhere in the zone leave this blank.
(optional) Very few monsters speak, but if the members of this group do you can list the languages here. Rather than listing English as a language you should use Common.
overrides the default of "Group - PAGENAMENS.jpg"
(optional) a caption to display under the thumbnail. Default is no caption.
Documentation transcluded from Template:Mob Group/doc.
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