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Quest / Daily / Public / Regional / Triad / Peak Mob / Group / Race / Boss Item / Rune / Set / Display Skill POI Object Zone Linkers


If this mob is a Housekeeper, please use Template:Housekeeper instead.

Other Skeletons:


Almost all monsters can drop a Monster Compendium card now so I have integrated the fields for the card within this template. Template:Card is DEPRECATED. We do use Template:Compendium to draw the card and the text beside it.

(optional) Russian, French, German, Turkish. Default is English. Controls the language used by the template.
(optional) If the PAGENAME does not match the actual mob name as seen in-game, provide the correct name here.
(optional, display only) As it appears under the mobs name in-game.
(optional) collective name of a grouping of mobs, such as a gang or tribal name. This name is linked using Template:mglink to a Mob Group category page which should be a subcategory of Category:Mob Groups using Template:Mob Group. See Ankes Gang or Thieving Marauders for examples.
If title and group are identical, such as for members of Justice Workshops, it is recommended that you use group only and leave title blank to avoid double vision.


(Optional) Among valid types are: Monster, Quest Monster, Quest NPC, NPC, Named Mob, Instructor, Supplier, Mobject, etc. Default (if blank) is Monster. For a list of all currently used types, see Category:Mob Types. If type=Instructor, use class for the class or skill they teach and diff for the tier (Novice, Expert, etc). If type=Supplier, use class for what they sell. If type=Mobject and nonaggro is non-blank, mobname will display as Passive (yellow), otherwise it will be regarded as an NPC (green)


See type, but also used for monsters that fight as/use the skills of a specific class. IF type=Merchant, then use class= to name the type of Merchant (such as Cooking Supplies or General). This will also enable the automatic transclusion of the page at [[class (Merchant Type)/Merchandise]], if the page exists.


(commalist, Required) See Category:Mob Races. If race is blank, the page is added to Category:Mobs without race. A very few mobs, mainly a few generalized NPCs (such as Brinewind Castle Resident), can be more than one race so this field is enabled for commalists. If there is no value in iname and the default mob image is not found, and race has more than one value in its list, the first race listed will be used for the default race image.
(optional) the unique ID number used in the internal database and by the RoM-Welten database. Means you can point directly to the correct page instead of searching by name.

levellow and levelhigh

The min and max levels this mob appears as. If the mob is always the same level, such as Named Mobs and NPCs, you can leave levelhigh blank.
IF type is Merchant (Crafting Supplies or Recipe) or Instructor, put the level range of the recipes they sell here.
(Optional) This is Solo, Elite, Crown Elite, or Raid. blank (Default) is Solo. If type= is NPC, Quest NPC, Merchant, or Trainer "Non-Player Character" will be displayed. IF the mob is Elite the page will be added to a subpage of Category:Elite Mobs by Zone
hp, critchance
(optional) Not really important for common mobs, but for Elites and Bosses it is worthwhile to add these. If the mob has a range of levels, the HP recorded should be for the high end of the range. Critical hit chance is displayed in the mouseover provided by the yaCIt Add-on.
(switch) If NON-BLANK, a decorative pet of this monster exists and should be linked to as {{itemlink|mobname - Pet Egg|||itemshop}}. If the Pet item name is in any way different, you will have to add it manually below the Mob template. The linked page should use the {{Summ}} tag, and the Item template, followed by a disambig-style list of the variations of the Pet Egg. See Ice Lizard - Pet Egg Ice Lizard - Pet Egg as an example.
Since MOST Pet Egg Items are of BWItem>itemtype=general, and General items suppress default item portrait, you will need to explicitly set a value for BWItem>portrait if you want the Item template to display a portrait. For most Pet Eggs this will be the mob's default picture (mobname.jpg).
specials, specialranks
(comma list) Any mob skills, special attacks or abilities, such as Wings Flapping, Poison or Frenzy Frenzy. If a page by that exact name exists it will link there, otherwise it links to Special Attacks. specialranks should display after each special, like Mob_Skill+n where +n is the specialrank, like Wither+50.
respawn timer - How long is the standard respawn timer for this mob? Recommended format is hh:mm:ss. Default is 00:01:30.
(switch, optional) Default is, obviously, aggressive. Any value in this field will flag the mob as non-aggressive. It is not necessary to set this switch for NPCs.
DEPRECATED - Mobs in RoM are neither Social nor Non-Social. Not in the same way as in, say, EverQuest. All mobs in RoM will add if they are aggressive and you move within their Aggro Range. If they are Passive (yellow) they will not no matter if you nuke their best friend right in front of them.


(Required,comma list) The names of the zones this mob is found in. See Category:Zones. Also, the mob will be added to a category under Category:Mobs by Zone.


(Optional,comma list) The names of the Points of Interest where this mob can always be found. Also, the mob will be added to a category under Category:Mobs by POI.


(Optional) The in-game location in x,y format
(optional) Displays below zones/pois/loc exactly as entered.

startquests, startquestlevels, startquesttypes

(Optional,comma list) of quests this mob starts.

relquests, relquestlevels, relquesttypes

(Optional,comma list) of quests this mob is involved in but does not start.
(optional) Displays the message Mob only appears on active quest. beneath the Starts and Related Quests lists in the Infobox.
(Optional,comma list) Should really only be used only for dungeon bosses that drop Item Set pieces

epicdrops=, raredrops=, gooddrops=, normaldrops=, commondrops=

(Optional,comma list) of items that this mob drops according to the item's quality. Do not include runes, ammo, potions or event items as all mobs have a chance to drop these.


(Optional)(LIST) of Quest Items or Daily Quest Items, linked, that this mob drops. Be sure to use the {{itemlink|}} template!
(optional) currently used ONLY for the "Endless Star Energies" sold by The Mystery Hermit's Companion. Really more of a Hot Pink, but I am gonna call it Red.
(optional) If this mob drops a Production Rune, list it here. The word "Rune" is optional as this code recognizes both. i.e. "Link Rune" or "Link" will both display as "Link Rune Link Rune (Carpentry)". Category:Error invalid prodrune value should be empty.
(optional) This should be used only on Dungeon Boss mobs that drop Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos, but if not blank, this will be displayed anyway
Killing this mob, or possibly lootng his Spirit Crystal, confers the named title
cardcat, cardsubcat, cardstat, cardquality, cardbonus, cardbackground, cardtext, nocard
(optional) Use these only if this mob drops a Monster Compendium card. If the Card comes via a quest reward, use the Template:Compendium skeleton and skip the fields inside the Template:Mob skeleton. IF nocard= is NOT blank, this monster has no card, known or unknown, but if cardtext is not blank, we will display the text as a blockquote after the template.
iname, icaption
(optional) The full filename (including extension) of the image you wish to use, and the caption (also optional. Default is the PAGENAME, or mobname if it is defined.)
Some cards are in the Monster Compendium but cannot be obtained. If this is one of them, make this non-blank. See Category:Mobs with an Unattainable MC Card.
(optional) The Item ID Number of the Monster Compendium Card, if known.

Unless iname= is used, the template will look for an image at [[Image:{{PAGENAME}}.jpg]] first. If it cannot find one, it will look for [[Image:{{{race}}}.jpg]]. If it still cannot find one it will display a link to [[Image:{{PAGENAME}}.jpg]] to encourae users to upload one.

See also:

Images Used

IF iname= is NOT blank it is assumed to be the full filename of the image you wish to use and other images are not even checked for. If BLANK, default images are checked for in the following order:

  1. [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.jpg]] or [[File:{{{mobname}}}.jpg]] - The picture of this mob
  2. [[File:Race - {{{race|}}}.jpg]] - The default picture for race of this mob
Documentation transcluded from Template:Mob/doc.
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