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This template does the actual work to display a single armor type for Item Sets. This should be used on each of the 4 subpages of the Item Set page using Template:ORitemlink.

The main item set page, [[setname (Item Set)]], should contain ONLY a call to Template:Item Set Display.


{{Item Set

IF items is blank display only the message that no definition for this type is found in the current armor set.

IF items=X, display the message that this set does not have that type.

IF notes is not blank, display it, no matter what else.

(optional) the number of pieces in the set required before you can have the Item-Set Skill extracted.
(optional) Amount of Gold it costs to extract these Item Set Skills
(DEPRECATED optional commalist) List of the skills (and classes) exactly as they appear in the yellow text on the bottom.
(optional commalist) Skills available from this item set
(optional commalist) Classes to match the skills. "All" or "All Classes" is valid.
(optional) For large sets with a lot of included sub-sets, turn this on to force the use of Template:FIitemlink instead of the default of Template:ORitemlink. This keeps the resulting main page from appearing on Category:Pages with too many expensive parser function calls.
iname, caption, inamemale, inamefemale, captionmale, captionfemale, noimage
(optional) IF iname is NOT blank, the image is genderless and this set appears the same for Male and Female wearers.
IF iname IS blank, use the gender-specific fields to override the default name/caption assignment of the male and female images. It must be the entire name, including extension. Nothing is assumed or provided except the [[File: before it and the |thumb|{{{caption|}}}]] after.
By default, the thumbnails for [[File:Item Set - {{{setname|}}} - {{{settype|}}} - Male.jpg|thumb|Male]] and [[File:Item Set - {{{setname|}}} - {{{settype|}}} - Female.jpg|thumb|Female]] are displayed for Cloth, Leather, Chain, and Plate subsets ONLY.
If noimage is not blank, ignore any other image fields and do not display any image(s).

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