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Alchemy (Production)

Usage: {{Crafting|profession_name|pagetype|float=}}

Adds page to Category:profession_name and displays a box with links to information for this profession. If profession_name is not recognized it will default to Alchemy.

"Main" is for category pages to adds it to the correct parent category.
"Recipe" is for Recipe Item pages (called automatically by Template:BWItem)
"Product" is for the Item page of the product of a recipe (called automatically by Template:BWItem)
"Quest" is for Crafting Quest pages (called automatically by Template:BWQuest)
If you want the box to use float styling, put left or right in this field.

Images Used

Assumed size: 73px by 73px, PNG format

Image Location Description
Icon - Herbalism.png File:Icon - Herbalism.png Herbalism
Icon - Mining.png File:Icon - Mining.png Mining
Icon - Woodcutting.png File:Icon - Woodcutting.png Woodcutting
Icon - Extracting.png File:Icon - Extracting.png Extracting
Icon - Smelting.png File:Icon - Smelting.png Smelting
Icon - Woodcrafting.png File:Icon - Woodcrafting.png Woodcrafting
Icon - Alchemy.png File:Icon - Alchemy.png Alchemy
Icon - Armorcrafting.png File:Icon - Armorcrafting.png Armorcrafting
Icon - Blacksmithing.png File:Icon - Blacksmithing.png Blacksmithing
Icon - Carpentry.png File:Icon - Carpentry.png Carpentry
Icon - Cooking.png File:Icon - Cooking.png Cooking
Icon - Tailoring.png File:Icon - Tailoring.png Tailoring
Icon - Planting.png File:Icon - Planting.png Planting
Icon - Transmutation.png File:Icon - Transmutation.png Transmutation
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