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About the real-world value of Diamonds: When not on-sale, Diamond packages range from 135d/$4.99 to 8,450d/$199.99 yielding a range for per-diamond value from $.03696/d to $.002312/d. We have chosen to use the 3rd level of 650d/$19.99 ($.029836/d). Of course, when Gameforge holds a diamond sale the price is, frequently, half that and all smart players will stock up on diamonds only when they are on-sale.
Real-World Value of Diamond Packages
Diamonds Bonus
Price (USD) Value/Diamond (US Cents)
135 0 $4.99 0.036962962962963
270 0 $9.99 0.037
650 20 (20%) $19.99 0.029835820895522
1,850 50 (33%) $49.99 0.026310526315789
4,200 100 (55%) $99.99 0.023253488372093
8,450 200 (56%) $199.99 0.0023118093124335