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The above navigation bar is not part of this template's output. It is for your assistance, only.

Use this for BUG reports. If you fill out the bottom section, Bug Reporting Forum template, this template will display a Bug Reporting Form in the format Gameforge would like to see it, for copy-pasta to the RoM Bug Reporting Forum at https://forum.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/forum/board/13-technical-help-bug-report/


<!-- Bug Reporting Forum template -->


The date this bug was originally reported here (and hopefully reported to the devs)


The date someone last checked, in-game, to be sure this Bug tag is still valid. If it is no longer valid the Bug tag should be removed.


Game update or patch when this bug was last observed.

The following fields were added so that we could create a generic cut-and-paste bug reporting form for use on the RoM Forums. For the most part the text describing the field is exactly as Gameforge entered it on the forums.

(required) The title should give us (and Runewaker) a short summary, what's the point of this report. Note that if this field is blank the Bug wiki template will not display this Bug Report section.
Here you should enter your class/class (level/level) combination you were playing as when you encountered the bug.
In the Description you give us the steps, that we can reproduce your report. If we can't reproduce a bug, we can't forward it and finally it will be moved to "not a bug". This is the reason why you should give us a detailed, succinct and objective description.
your server name. It's helpful if this is a Bug which occurs only on one (or more) servers or we can't reproduce it on our test server. So we can verify it on an affected server.
It's important to know, in which version the bug occurred. You can find the version in the bottom right of the launcher. You can also use
/run ChatFrame1:AddMessage(GetVersion()) in-game. Just copy the displayed code and paste it in-game into the Chat window /say channel.
(commalist) a list of screenshots. extension is required and not assumed, so you have to supply it. At this time, this handles only a single screenshot, not a list of them. We will get it to use multiple images Soon™.

See: Category:Bugs

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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