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Quest / Daily / Public / Regional / Triad Mob / Group / Race / Boss Item / Rune / Set / Display POI Object Zone Linkers



See also: Template:Daily Quest, Template:Public Quest, Template:Regional Quest, Template:Triad
This template replaces the older: Template:Quest

(Triad Quests only) This is used by Template:Triad to tell this template what section to display. Options are common or rewards. This switch is of NO use to users.
(optional) Used only when the proper name of the quest is not the same as the PAGENAME, such as quest names that contain a colon (:) or question mark (?).
will override startzone for the series name link. startzone is still used for the quests by zone link.
provides a sublink target to the subsection of the series page. This no longer adds a Quests by POI link. See relpois
(optional) Values may be Daily, Guild Daily, Event Daily, Regional, Public, Crafting, Event, Lore or Epic. Default (blank) is simply a "normal" quest. See Category:Quest Types
IF questtype=Crafting, series should also be Crafting and you need to put the Profession in hub. minlevel should be the skill level required.
The quest level as displayed in the Quest Journal. This is the level the quest is designed to be doable at for most players.
The minimum level required to receive this quest (usually, about 2 levels below the quest level)
The minimum level required to turn in this quest (usually, about 10 levels below the quest level)
Use this ONLY if there is an unusual restriction on this quest, such as being available only for one race. Link this exactly as you wish it to appear, such as {{racelink|Dwarf}} only.

IF questtype=Crafting, put the skill required in hub and minlevel is the level you need in that skill.

(switch) If NOT blank, this quest is limited to ONCE PER DAY.
(switch) If NOT blank, this quest is a Bag Quest.
startmob=, startobject=
These will wrap the value in the correct link codes (where applicable). startmob must be, by definition, an NPC so it will appear in green.
startitem=, startitemquality=
In order to colorize the link properly we need startitemquality. If not provided the link will be white (common).
Name of the POI where this quest starts (if any)
x,y coordinates where this quest starts (if any)
smimage, smcaption
(optional) This is usually an image of the startmob used by the old Template:Quest. This could be an image of anything. smcaption can contain other template calls and will be displayed as the thumbnail caption exactly as given. Recently, we changed this so that smimage checks to see if an image exists for startmob or startobject, and links to the default image if it does. If you provide an image name in smimage it will override this testing. Likewise, smcaption will default to a link to the NPC or object. If you define smcaption it needs to be the full linker-template call to the pictured start mob/object.
Name of the NPC to talk to to turn in this quest
Name of the POI where the NPC this quest ends with can be found (if any)
x,y coordinates of the NPC this quest ends with
exp=, money=
Experience and Gold awarded. We do not need TP as TP is always 10% of XP. Also, the template handles insertion of comma's to separate thousands and millions in both the exp and money output.
This field should only be used for quest chains of moderate length. Short ones don't really need them and long ones would look bad on the page. 10 quests should probably be the max. This field is displayed exactly as entered as is intended for use with Ordered Lists. You have to wikify the links for the quests! In this case, feel free to use Template:ORquestlink instead of Template:questlink to link the quests.
(switch) Override the normal behavior of BWQuest pages, and make section headers display an "edit" button.

The following fields, plus series and hub, are passed to Template:Series. You should not follow this template with <code>{{series|}}</code> if you use these fields.

previous, pqtype, next, nqtype, finis
If previous or next is not blank, Template:Series will be called
If finis=REPEAT, this quest is repeatable and the quest chain ends here.

The following fields are to provide backward compatibility to the old Template:Quest format. We actually do use them, sometimes, or some parts of them. Especially task, need, and notes. These are all displayed exactly as entered.

(optional) This field was not part of the old template. The Goals info was usually the last part of task. We have made it a separate field for more consistent handling. We used need instead of goals because Template:Daily Quest already called it need.
(optional) The longer quest text.
(optional) This is speaking directly to the player, telling them how to get it done.
(optional) If you come back to talk to the NPC, after getting the quest but before completion, they will say this.
(optional) What the NPC says when you come back with all goals finished.
(optional, DEPRECATED) This is the only one we DO NOT want, but we do support it. Preferably, an editor should split this info up between exp, money, title, items, and ditems.

The following fields are commalists, which is to say they are a comma-delimited list of values (i.e. One,Two,Three).

If this quest requires travel to a different zone or instance, list them here.
This controls the linking to Quests by POI. IF the starting POI is in startpoi you do NOT need to list it here, but there is no harm if you do.
relmobs, relmobtypes
Mobs required for this quest, and their type. The types recognized are: NPC, Passive, Group, and Race. Monster is the assumed default.
relitems, relitemqualities
Items related to this quest, and the quality of the item if not common
list of objects involved in this quest.

This template also uses:

You may also need:

  • Template:PublicTask - Use this to color and highlight the task title lines on a Regional Event quest page

Images[edit source]

Name Image
Icon - Start Quest.png Icon - Start Quest.png
Icon - Start Daily Quest.png Icon - Start Daily Quest.png
Icon - Start Public Quest.png Icon - Start Public Quest.png
Icon - End Quest.png Icon - End Quest.png
Icon - End Daily Quest.png Icon - End Daily Quest.png
Icon - End Public Quest.png Icon - End Public Quest.png
Icon - Regional Event.png Icon - Regional Event.png
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