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Taunt Skill war9-2.png
Warrior Primary only
Range 50
Instant Cooldown 25 seconds
Forces the target to turn towards you for X seconds.
Class Warrior
Type Primary only
Type Utility
School Threat
Cooldown 25 seconds
Range 50
Area of Effect {{{aoe}}}
Other Information
Min. Level 18
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Taunt is a tanking skill used by Warriors to obtain aggro on a target which does not view him/her as its target.

Rank Table[edit | edit source]

Level Duration
0 5
5 6.25
10 7.5
15 8.75
20 10
25 11.25
30 12.5
35 13.75
40 15
45 16.25
50 17.5
55 18.75

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Warrior using Taunt has aggro until its duration (or perhaps if someone else uses a Taunt effect on the target). What happens after Taunt's duration runs out is not widely known at this point, whether the Warrior keeps aggro unless someone has built more threat than his/her threat in addition to the Taunt, or if the Warrior loses aggro because his/her threat returns to normal.

  • Taunt is a useful tanking skill for warrior offtanks; both it and Group Taunt reflect a design choice relegating Warrior tanks to snap aggro on adds while Knights tank the stronger bosses with high-threat moves.