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Exhaustive list of my last changes to the Attributes page:

  • Content:
    • No stat affects physical or magical damage ratings; they affect attack ratings. Descriptions have been changed to reflect this.
    • From testing with naked Rogues, I have determined values for the Strength and Dexterity conversions:
      • Naked level 15 Rogue: 89 Strength + 107 dex = 247 PATK
      • Naked level 53 Rogue: 444 Strength + 587 dex = 1297 PATK
    • Using a reduced-row echelon form matrix operation:
      • Strength: 1.2 PATK (rounded from 1.2175)
      • Dex: 1.3 PATK (rounded from 1.3115)
      • The margin of error is very low (generally less than 1%), so I believe these are acceptable values.
    • I have added these changes to the table.
    • Several secondary effects originate solely from yellow stats on PVP set items, these effects are:
      • Magical crit resistance (Stream)
      • Physical crit resistance (Absorption)
    • There is also at least one stat that doesn't appear to have any source:
      • Magical dodge
  • Layout:
    • The padding seemed excessive and I decreased it from 1.2 to 0.2.
    • The table was pretty painful to read. I decided it would be useful to change the verbose descriptions to intuitive acronyms to make the table more readable.
    • A list has been added to explain the acronyms. This might look better in a table, though I'm not familiar enough with wiki formatting to do so.
  • Since the wiki is prone to edits at any time, I removed the "updated as of 1820". The edit history is available through the history tab and as such, this is unneccesary.
  • Additional Notes:
    • The character window stat tooltips are different for every class. I have italicized those effects which only apply to certain classes to avoid being misleading.

--Exaxxion4096 09:49, 10 November 2009 (UTC)