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Trade Overview[edit source]

Just like in the real world, in Taborea, fashion is everything.
Do you want to learn tailoring? The options are endless with tailoring if you choose this path.

To tailor, you first need to be near Tailoring Tools (See Below). Just look for the green arrow with the thread and needle icon floating above it. Go to "Crafting" in the system menu and select "Tailoring". Then select the item you want to create and the quantity.

Watch out for the pincushion.

Details[edit source]

An * denotes a dropped recipe

Wind stone.png Tailoring recipes for level 11 and above will require the use of 1 Disenchant Rune.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Icon Armor Recipes Level
Eq Legs-cloth01.PNG Rough Cloth Pants Recipe: Rough Cloth Pants 1
Eq torso-cloth010-003.png Rough Cloth Garment Recipe: Rough Cloth Garment 3
Enhanced Coarse Cloth Coat Recipe: Enhanced Coarse Cloth Coat 3*
Eq leg-robe010-002.png Magical Leggings Recipe: Magical Leggings 5
Eq Legs-cloth05.PNG Enhanced Magical Trousers Recipe: Enhanced Magical Trousers 5*
Silk Trousers Recipe: Silk Trousers 5*
Short Robe Recipe: Short Robe 7
Eq Torso-cloth08.PNG Enhanced Short Robe Recipe: Enhanced Short Robe 7*
Magical Purple Cloak Recipe: Magical Purple Cloak 9
Enhanced Magic Purple Cloak Recipe: Enhanced Magic Purple Cloak 9*
Woven Trousers Recipe: Woven Trousers 11
Green Lotus Robe Recipe: Green Lotus Robe 12
Enhanced Green Lotus Robe Recipe: Enhanced Green Lotus Robe 12*
Woolen Clothes Recipe: Woolen Clothes 13
Enhanced Woven Clothes Recipe: Enhanced Woven Clothes 13*
Knitted Coat Recipe: Knitted Coat 13*
Green Lotus Trousers Recipe: Green Lotus Trousers 14
Tidal Trousers Recipe: Tidal Trousers 15
Gown of Charm Recipe: Gown of Charm 16
Tidal Robe Recipe: Tidal Robe 17
Leggings of Temptation Recipe: Leggings of Temptation 18
Colorful Light Cloak Recipe: Colorful Light Cloak 19
Robe of Temptation Recipe: Robe of Temptation 20
White Cotton Trousers Recipe: White Cotton Trousers 21
Tranquility Cloak Recipe: Tranquility Cloak 22
White Cotton Clothes Recipe: White Cotton Clothes 23
Red Lotus Trousers Recipe: Red Lotus Trousers 24
Star Trousers Recipe: Star Trousers 25
Red Lotus Coat Recipe: Red Lotus Coat 26
Short Robe of the Stars Recipe: Short Robe of the Stars 27
Mote Trousers Recipe: Mote Trousers 28
Cloak of the Ethereal Voice Recipe: Cloak of the Ethereal Voice 29
Mote Short Robe Recipe: Mote Short Robe 30
Green Leaf Clothing Recipe: Green Leaf Clothing 31
Leggings of Concentration Recipe: Leggings of Concentration 32
Green Leaf Trousers Recipe: Green Leaf Trousers 33
Linen Cap Recipe: Linen Cap 34
Glory Cloak Recipe: Glory Cloak 34
Short Robe of Twilight Recipe: Short Robe of Twilight 35
Gown of Nobility Recipe: Gown of Nobility 36
Twilight Trousers Recipe: Twilight Trousers 37
Velvet Hat Recipe: Velvet Hat 38
Flannel Hood Recipe: Flannel Hood 38
Blueflame Cloak Recipe: Blueflame Cloak 39
Leggings of Faith Recipe: Leggings of Faith 40

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