Tactical Attack

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Tactical Attack
Tactical Attack Skill war9-1.png
Warrior Primary only
Requires 15 rage Range 50
Instant Cooldown 5 seconds
Inflicts X% main hand weapon DPS and additional damage if target is affected by a Bleed effect caused by Slash. (Requires a two-handed weapon.)
Class Warrior
Type Primary only
Type Offensive
School Physical
Cooldown 5 seconds
Range 50
Area of Effect {{{aoe}}}
Other Information
Min. Level 4
Effect Type {{{effect}}}
Use Condition {{{condition}}}

Tactical Attack is one of the attack skills Warriors have access to. It is the second part of the Slash --> Tactical Attack combo and is restricted to two-handed weapons.

Rank Table[edit | edit source]

Tactical Attack
Level Damage
0 45 %
5 58.5 %
10 72 %
15 85.5 %
20 99 %
25 112.5 %
30 126 %
35 139.5 %
40 153 %
45 166.5 %
50 180 %
55 193.5 %

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tactical Attack is part of the standard combo for Warriors using a two-handed axe or sword as using any other two-handed weapon will not produce a Bleed effect with Slash.

  • The additional damage mentioned in the tooltip is not a flat amount of extra damage. Rather, when Tactical Attack is used on a target afflicted with a Slash Bleed, the character generates an additional Tactical Attack hit. Both attacks crit independently and can suffer parry/block reduction independent of each other. It is not known for certain if the additional attack can miss, but it appears that if the initial attack is a hit, the bonus attack is as well.