Surging Undercurrent (Quest Series)

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Surging Undercurrent (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneThunderhoof Hills
Rec. Levels70 to 71
Previous Magical Reconstruction
Next Clash of Good and Evil
See alsoQuest Series
Fires of Shadowforge

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.

Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Alliance (level 70)

This armor is distributed as rewards for quests in the Surging Undercurrent quest series in Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan.

Item Set Names[edit | edit source]

Sources[edit | edit source]

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Thunderhoof Hills: Dalanis[edit | edit source]

Dalanis Grand Palace[edit | edit source]

  1. Simon Dibark [Lionheart Knights Official] in Dalanis
    1. [70] Making More Friends - Go to Varanas via Ailic's Transporter (right outside the Palace) and talk to Yarandor in the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom
  2. Yarandor [Great Mage] in Varanas Administration District
    1. [70] Eye of Wisdom's Joining - Go to Varanas Class Hall and talk to Daris of the Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild. Afterwards, use the waiting Ailic's Transporter to return to Dalanis Grand Palace.
  3. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [70] Elemental Characteristics - Speak to Lavare
  4. Callaway Kalume
    1. [70] Unity is a Fortress - Let John Damon [Ailic's Community Representative] transport you to Balanzasar

Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan[edit | edit source]

Front Line Alliance Camp[edit | edit source]

Command Center[edit | edit source]

  1. Callaway Kalume
    1. [70] Understand the Situation - Understand the:
  2. Jill Ayekin
    1. [70] Volunteer - Speak to Callaway Kalume
    2. [70] Surprise Attack - Go out of the camp to meet with Bonnie Warf, follow the guards, and participate in the battle
      • Rewards Shoulder armor for the Alliance item set

Front Line Alliance Camp Entrance[edit | edit source]

  1. Bonnie Warf
    1. [70] No Such Thing as A Free Lunch - Get Unprocessed Meat ×20 from Plump Hare and Ferocious Brown Tiger for Ivan Futia [Head Chef] at Central Kitchen

Central Kitchen[edit | edit source]

  1. Ivan Futia [Head Chef]
    1. [70] Intelligence Station - Speak with Callaway Kalume

Command Center 2[edit | edit source]

  1. Callaway Kalume
    1. [70] Elemental Lord - Speak with Lojence at Fallen Throne of Embers

Fallen Throne of Embers[edit | edit source]

  1. Lojence [Water Dragon Chief]
    1. [70] Lasting Effect - Ask the Aren Base commander Tablen Cage for reinforcements to assist in completing Sleepwalking

Aren Base[edit | edit source]

  1. Tablen Cage [Aren Commander]
    1. [70] Bloody History - Speak with Lojence and David Chase, then again with Lojence
    2. [70] Seek Answers - Speak with Tidimo Gallo in the Elf Camp in Scorched Rift

Elf Camp[edit | edit source]

  1. Tidimo Gallo
    1. [70] Different Opinions - Speak with Elimiano
  2. Elimiano
    1. [70] Invitation - Find an Injured Gulo and take it to Fekotonis in the forest south of the camp
  3. Fekotonis
    1. [70] Different Flames - Place a Reconciliation Seed in the Northern Guardian Brazier and the Southern Guardian Brazier
  4. Jill Ayekin
    1. [70] Half-Dragon Girl - Speak with Jill Ayekin
  5. Fekotonis
    1. [70] Water of Nature - Take the Bag of Condensation Seeds to Sibilish
  6. Sibilish
    1. [70] Eliminate the Boiling Water Elemental - Kill 10 Angry Boiling Water Elementals
      • Rewards Hand armor for the Alliance item set
    2. [70] Adjust Water Temperature - Put the Condensation Seeds into the steaming pool of water (auto-completes)
    3. [70] Power of Healing - Take the Water of nature back to Fekotonis, use it on the Unconcious Gulo, then talk to Jill Ayekin
    4. [70] Rebirth Seed - Take the Rebirth Seed to Elimiano
  7. Three Forks:

Banrioch[edit | edit source]

  1. Shar Talos [Banrioch Commander]
    1. (PEP PEP ×200)[71] Mysterious Fire - Talk to Maja Ironnail
  2. Maja Ironnail
    1. (PEP PEP ×250)[71] Find any Clues - Find a Strange Feather and bring it to Maja Ironnail
    2. (PEP PEP ×250)[71] Waiting for the Birds - Place 5 Traps near the tent
  3. Jill Ayekin
    1. [71] Right and Wrong - Speak with Jill Ayekin and Ansen Diaz
  4. Maja Ironnail
    1. (PEP PEP ×300)[71] Put Out the Spark - Take the Camp Fire Investigation Book to Shar Talos, then kill 6 Wandering Spark Chicks to get Special Ingredients ×6
  5. Kello Funan
    1. [71] Bring some fresh ones! - Catch 5 Jumpy Fish at the lake near the Banrioch Camp and give them to Kello Funan.
  6. Loub Ayekin
    1. [71] Luminous Stone - Follow Loub Ayekin to the cave (Loub Ayekin is standing at 38.7 45.9 on the corner of a tent)
  7. "Poetess" Phyllis
    1. [71] Phyllis' Request - Get the Enigmatic Pendant (rare drop) that "Poetess" Phyllis dropped at Aeternal Circle
    2. [71] Brief Respite - Use Krolin's Pendant on Krolin
      • Kinda painful to do it this way, but if you just get closer and closer and keep trying to use the Pendant, it will cast and affect Krolin, even though you will probably die before it does. It still fulfills the quest.
    3. [71] Bound Agreement - Insert the Crimson Spiked Wood Seed in the Raised Mound near Krolin. Afterwards, talk to Moss-covered Stone.
      • The mound is on the back side of his circle and well within aggro range. If you have a pet, toss the strongest one you have at him and click the mound. The second you finish, run like hell. You might make it. Note: For some reason I took no debt and left no gravestone when he caught me.
  8. Jill Ayekin
    1. [71] Unbreakable Restraints - Go to Hrodnor Command Camp and find Loub Ayekin

Hrodnor Command Camp[edit | edit source]

  1. Jill Ayekin
    1. [71] Half-Dragon Boy's Nurse - Speak to the Camp Commander, Yujin Angerfang, then ask Agaled and Iggs Ironclaw for help.
    2. [71] The Commanding Office's Policy (PEP x100) - Talk with Yujin Angerfang and learn about the status of the camp.

Hrodnor Mining Pit[edit | edit source]

  1. Yujin Angerfang
    1. [71] Origin of the Mysterious Sound - Spy at the gate of the Laphraag Production Plant and report back
    2. [71] The First Cover Action (PEP x350) - Kill 10 Laphraag Patrollers
    3. [71] The Second Cover Action (PEP x350) - Kill 10 Laphraag Guards
    4. [71] Council of War (PEP x100) - Speak with Bernisillo and attend the council of war
  2. Katwen Hooktail
    1. [71] Unintended Consequences - Speak with Yistmia
  3. Morrock Wallinder
    1. [71] Fire Damage - Collect Freezing Flower Juice ×10 from Freezing Flower near Aeternal Circle for Bel Thesodor
  4. Bel Thesodor
    1. [71] Aftercare Therapy - Use the Freezing Seed to treat Agaled, Yistmia, and Unconscious Soldier
  5. Jill Ayekin
    1. [71] Cruel News - Tell Jill Ayekin what happened
    2. (PEP PEP ×150)[71] Things to be Considered - Report to Yujin Angerfang

Thus endeth the series.