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Sunbathed Seed

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Cost: 4,000Gold 
Worth: 400Gold 
Sold by:
Planting (Other)
Fully-grown Plant
Icon - Sunbathed Seed.png
Sunbathed Seed
Requires Planting skill 79
Attribute: Herbs
Worth: 400 Gold
Seed usable for planting Herb Plants.

Optimum Irrigation: 80%
Optimum Fertilization: 80%
Grow Time: 24 hours
Nocturnal Lantern Grass Sap Nocturnal Lantern Grass Sap ×40
Thunderhoof Grass Bundle Thunderhoof Grass Bundle ×24
Dovetail Flower Bouquet Dovetail Flower Bouquet ×24
Thorn Apple Extract Thorn Apple Extract ×10
Verbena Extract Verbena Extract ×10
Goblin Grass Bundle Goblin Grass Bundle ×48
Green Leaf Dewdrop Green Leaf Dewdrop ×1
Special Fruit Special Fruit ×1
Fruit and Flower Essence Fruit and Flower Essence ×1
Heart of the Successor Heart of the Successor ×3

For more information, see Planting and Seeds. Quantities displayed for Products grown from this seed are the maximum possible (as reported by the "Planting Sheet" Android app and/or the PlantCare addon), not amount promised. Product names in bold-italic indicate bonus products only possible if your skill is at least 5 levels above that of the seed.

At Planting skill level 79, you will earn 34.46% XP towards your next skill level per healthy harvest.