Strongholds, Morale and Rumors

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Public Quest
[+] Xaviera
 [+] Static Lathrofea
  [44][Public] Strongholds, Morale and Rumors
This is a Bag Quest
Expansion: Ch.IV: Lands of Despair
Icon - Start Public Quest.png Start: Colin Lotus (RW/Ggl) (Xaviera)
Icon - End Public Quest.png End: Colin Lotus (RW/Ggl) @ Static Lathrofea
 XP: 45,248
 TP: 4,524
 Gold: 2,986Gold 
You will receive:
Lands of Despair

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.

You need to be at least Level 42 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 36 to turn-in this quest.

This quest becomes trivial above Level 99.

Public Quests are infinitely repeatable. Those in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera reward XP, TP, Gold, and an Old Bag Old Bag (hence the common sobriquet, Bag Quests).

In all other zones they do not reward XP, TP or Gold, only Public Event Points Public Event Points. In all other aspects they are the same as a Daily Quest (except for the infinitely repeatable part and the rewards).
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Need: 10 Key Objectives

Find Colin Lotus at Static Lathrofea after the task is completed.

Each time you receive this quest the tasks, and the temporary skills you are granted, will change. The first time through, the tasks will be in the order presented. Afterwards, the sequence becomes random.

Completing the quest 6 times in a row will earn an increased experience reward.

Each phase can be identified by a named Effect that appears in your Effect Box.

Pointless Effect: A Boat in the Ocean will be on you at all times while you have this quest. It does nothing and means nothing.

States: Adventurers and Villagers in the town will have various effects on them. These effects, or states, control how and when they react.

  • Possession: Shows the influence of the villagers on an Adventurer. If it reaches 30 they become Possessed and will run to Robest to die. Reduce this to 0 and the Adventurer will awake and leave town.
  • Personnel Consideration:
  • Colin's Confidant: This Adventurer knows what is going on and cannot be influenced. He is loyal to Colin Lotus but does not know you and will not help.
  • Insane Will:
  • Pondering Substitute: The Villagers have backed themselves into a corner and it's becoming increasingly obvious that they're losing control. The higher the value the better chance they will break and run.
  • Grow Suspicious: The Adventurer suspects you may be lying to him.
  • Don't Trust: The Adventurer is certain you are lying and will listen to nothing else you say for a time.

Inappropriate Discipline[edit | edit source]

Skill boss skill 111.png Colin Lotus says, "I yelled at them because I want to save their lives. Otherwise why would I be so tired?"
  • Assignment Tasks - Gives the target adventurer many difficult tasks. There is a chance he will leave and if he does you gain 1 Key Objective.
  • Berserk Excuse - Go berserk on the adventurers within range. If you make them unhappy, other adventurers and villagers nearby will leave and you gain 1 Key Objective, plus 1 Key Objective for each villager that leaves.
  • Deliberate Bullying - This will not work of a leader-level adventurer is nearby. Your targeted Adventurer cannot be put into a Possessed state. If his Possessed state was 15 or higher it is reduced by 3. the Personnel Consideration state of surrounding villagers is increased by 1.

Like Chopping Wood[edit | edit source]

Wp 2h blade05 010 002.png Colin Lotus says, "When woodcutting, it is best to choose trees that will grow back... You understand what I mean."

Living Experiment[edit | edit source]

Skill kni18-2.png It's difficult to keep the happenings in the village secret from the [SC_ALLIC_COMMUNITY

Target and Mark each Villager, then target an Adventurer and teleport them all to safety, then target a Marked Villager and send them to hell. You must be quick to get them all in the right order.

The Last Resort[edit | edit source]

Skill run45-4.png Colin Lotus says, "I think you have endured long enough..."

This is the only task that involves Adventurers outside of Static Lathrofea.

Go out of town to the crossroads, face the town, and wait for a possessed Adventurer to come to you.

Deliberate Troublemaking[edit | edit source]

Skill mag24-2.png Colin Lotus says, "When the road ahead is blocked, one must find another way."
  • You must look... - If the Villagers are not in a Pondering Substitute state, then you will achieve a Going Too Far state and skill.
  • Loud Howl - Increase the Pondering Substitute state of nearby Villagers by 1. If this causes some Villagers to leave you earn you 2 Key Objectives for each one that does.
  • Going Too Far - "Apply" the materials you found. If an Adventurer in the Area of Effect is in a Possessed state greater than 15 it is reduced by 3 and will not increase for 15 seconds.

Well-Intentioned Lie[edit | edit source]

Skill aug12-3.png Colin Lotus says, "If they know the truth, they will certainly understand you...But there is no way that you should let them know about it."
  • Tell a Lie - Tells a lie to the targeted Adventurer to encourage him to leave. He will either enter a Grow Suspicious state or he will believe you and leave. If he leaves you gain 1 Key Objective.
  • A Lie to Embellish a Lie - Use only on an Adventurer in a Grow Suspicious state. He will either enter a Don't Trust state or he will believe you and leave. If he leaves you gain 1 Key Objective.
  • Pretend I Was Never Here - Has a chance to reduce the amount of time Adventurers in the area remain in a Grow Suspicious or Don't Trust state.

Find out the Master Plan[edit | edit source]

Skill kni72-1.png Colin Lotus says, "Finishing a hundred foot soldiers doesn't compare to fighting off a head general."

Specialized Area[edit | edit source]

Skill aug6-2.png If the Lathrofea villagers are just using words to influence the adventurers then the Eye of Wisdom can't help. But if they are using magic...

Target an Adventurer, cast Basic Invisibility, then Magic Charge and Interference Circle. Rinse and repeat over and over as fast and smooth as you can. You do not need to remove his Possession just keep it from getting higher and eventually the Villager will give up and you get your update!