Stone (Item)

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ID#: 210294
Maximum Stack Size: 999
Related Quests:Sold by:

This item comes from:

Icon - Stone.png
Stone (Item)
Tier 1
Projectiles Ammunition
Cannot be sold

Drop Rates

According to RoM-Welten db, Stone Stone is in all 5 columns of a major loot table with the following marginal droprates.

Sold By

The Stones Stones and Wooden Arrows Wooden Arrows you need to finish [1][Daily] Trading Rocks and [1][Daily] Trading Wooden Arrows (Stone Bag Stone Bag and Wooden Arrow Quiver Wooden Arrow Quiver - confirmed) can be purchased from:

The price is 150Gold  for Stone Bag Stone Bag, and 100Gold  for Wooden Arrow Quiver Wooden Arrow Quiver. Each contains 999 Projectiles.

Dropped By

Stone Stone and Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow can drop from any of the following mobs in the following zones:

Human Elf Dwarf All Races Secondary Tertiary

Howling Mountains

Fungus Garden

Barren Caves

Cavern of Trials

Elven Island

Yrvandis Hollows

Taffrock - Southern District


Sascilia Steppes

Dust Devil Canyon

Coast of Opportunity

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