Steel Battle Set (Alpha) (Item Set)

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Steel Battle Set Item Set (Required Level: 97)
Members and Set BonusesAppearanceMembers and Set BonusesAppearance
This set has no Cloth option. This set has no Leather option.
This set has no Chain option. Steel Battle Set (Alpha) (3) Cloth
Steel Belt of Battle (RW/Ggl)
Steel Gloves of Battle (RW/Ggl)
Steel Leggings of Battle (RW/Ggl)
2 Pieces: +352 Stamina
3 Pieces: +8% resistance against damage from a player
aka Honor Alpha
Set Notes
This 3-piece set (gloves, legs, belt) is the completion of the armor started with Honor Omega set (head, chest, shoulders, feet) at level 95. See Honor Armor Merchants in the Mercenary Square of the Obsidian Stronghold.

Each armor type in this set has it's own set name, but collectively we will call this the Honor Alpha set.

See also: Honor set (level 60)

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