Southern Janost Forest (Zone)

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Map of Southern Janost Forest
The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

Map zone14.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#14
Continent Zandorya
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.III: The Elder Kingdoms
Level Range 55 to 57
Connecting Zones Thunderhoof Hills, Northern Janost Forest
TownsShador, Kandor
World Bosses
ResourcesFrost Crystal [RP], Fairywood [RP], Mirror Sedge [RP], Dragon Mallow [RP], Abyssal Mercury Ore [RP], Dragonlair Wood [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

The stifling air of the Southern Janost Forest hangs damp and heavy and the swampy landscape is full of dangers. This is the home of the principality of Shador, a people of forest dwellers who have taken the art of the bow and arrow to new heights of perfection. The mother of the race, Jenny ‘The Thousand Feathers’ Giant was long ago a close ally of the venerable King Kalume. Over the centuries, however, the splendour of the race has paled and now Thousand Feathers’ descendants campaign in the marshes cut through with rocky mountains against the brutal forces from the Warnorken Castle. The bastion of the barbarous Baron Reuen von Jura is the source of all evil in the Southern Janost Forest. But brave adventurers – dispatched by the child king Callaway – now gather in the swamps and seek solidarity with the noble people of Shador.— from

Best route from Varanas to Southern Janost Forest (Zone): Snoop Portal to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (2,200Gold ), then to Thunderhoof Hills (2,200Gold ), then finally to Southern Janost Forest (1,500Gold )

Ailic's Community Transport Portal Location: Shador

Level 51 to 56 potions are sold by Aleidon Pimolok [General Merchant] at Kandor Logging Camp, Shashalot Silvereye [Camp Provisioner] at Tomb Researchers' Camp, and Bartai [Trade Merchant] at Ruin Researchers' Camp.

Arde Camp[edit | edit source]

This community is made up of Centaurs that settled there some time ago, coming from the areas of Silverstar Camp and from Northern Janost Forest. This camp is filled with what the Centaurs refer to as, “fortune stones”, which they believe help them avoid disasters. Arde Silverstar is their leader and believes himself a committed astrologer and claims the Star of Emir is affecting the fate of the world.

Shador[edit | edit source]

This is the Elven stronghold of Southern Janost Forest, as an inscalable wall and a moat encompasses the city, protecting I t from any attacks. The leader of Shador is Hettie Giant and fights to maintain the peace and tranquility of the forest, but for some reason she appears to be growing weak and is in need of a remedy. Shador's people excel at archery; all of their warriors are required to learn this skill.

Acklorn[edit | edit source]

This small village off the beaten path is now nearly deserted, and the few remaining residence tell tales of people mysteriously disappearing. Locals attribute the exodus of villagers to something they call the Hackman Affair.

Kandor[edit | edit source]

Kandor is full of refugees that have migrated here and began using up the supplies. The town is now running low on resources, especially food. It doesn't help that many of the village hunters have gone out to hunt but have never been seen or heard from again. The town elder, Kyle Saaj, has his people forging weapons with what they call the Power of the Titan. It also appears that a mysterious sect, The Hand of Truth, has infiltrated the village.

Sacred Ground of the Titan[edit | edit source]

Karebas was the first Dragon Envoy and helped to rid the world of evil dragons. However, a Guardian that has fallen in this spot is being mistaken for Karbas. Strange crystals that glow are scattered around the isle. Where is this elemental power emanating from?

Misty Grove[edit | edit source]

The Misty Grove is home to a woodcutters camp, but is also overrun with hostile wildlife. The Misty Rotworms release an acid which damage the trees and the substance has now spread throughout the grove, making life difficult for the woodcutters. Add to that, the constant attacks from the beast-men and this is one area that definitely needs some assistance.

Chupura Valley[edit | edit source]

This area is teeming with aggressive, wild dogs called Chupura. At nighttime the Chupuras will howl in unison, causing even the most hardened hunter to shiver. The Javia also inhabit this valley and their scales are prized in leatherworking.

Alimus' Tomb/Tomb Researchers Camp[edit | edit source]

Alimus' Tomb is a veritable treasure trove for archeologists; once the residence of the banished Dragon Manticos and the tomb of the Dwarf Alimus Grimgold. However the tomb robbers that swarm the area are attempting to plunder the relics simply to sell them to the highest bidder. A great elemental power resides here...

Ruin Researcher's Camp[edit | edit source]

This camp is made up of mostly botanists that are researching the local vegitation. The plants in this area can actually move and seem to have gone through some kind of mutation.

Ruins of Bymorsh[edit | edit source]

The local botanists are attempting to collect samples here but it has become to dangerous for them to enter. There are also strange inscriptions on some of the stone walls that beg for further investigation.

Warnorken Castle[edit | edit source]

A great tragedy has befallen this great fortress. The knights all seemed to go mad and everybody tried to escape. The ones that couldn't flee fast enough were slaughtered. What could have possibly caused a legion of loyal knights to suddenly go insane? Perhaps the answers lie in the Warnorken Arena, underneath the castle throne room.

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