Southern Janost Forest (Quest Series)

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Southern Janost Forest (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneSouthern Janost Forest
Rec. Levels57 to 58
Previous Thunderhoof Hills
Next Northern Janost Forest
See alsoQuest Series
The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

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Some NPCs in this zone will refuse to speak to you until you reach 57, while others are happy to speak with you as low as 55.

Daily Quests[edit | edit source]

All Dailies in this zone require a minimum level of 56 to receive them, 58 is the level of the quest, and they become gray at 68.

Daily Quest Summary
Level Quest Ending NPC Start Location Needs XP
58 Sharptooth Meat Preparation Agnes Bojar Kandor Sharptooth Meat Sharptooth Meat ×10 from Janost Sharpteeth 122,793
58 Misty Grove's White Zoysia Agnes Bojar Kandor White Zoysia ×10 122,793
58 Fishing Agnes Bojar Kandor Reed Fish ×10 using Fishing Rod in Lake Kandor 122,793
58 The Staple Food is Kado Taro Agnes Bojar Kandor Kado Taros ×10 from Kado Taro plats 122,793
58 Hard Shells Bulica Weir Misty Grove Boneface Beetle Shell ×5 from Grinning Beetles 122,793
58 The Unbearable Attack Lorcus Laith Misty Grove Tooth Necklace Tooth Necklace ×10 from Rh'anka 122,793
58 Scattered Timber Lorcus Laith Misty Grove Misty Grove Timber ×10 122,793
Expensive Leather Clothes George Vuitton Shador Javias Scale ×10 from Javias 122,793
Recipe for Jasmini No.5 Jasmini Yell Shador Chupura Herb ×10 from Blood Clawed Chupuras 122,793
Deadly Poison Saleen Keenan Shador Poisonous Rotworm Acid ×10 from Poisonous Rotworms 122,793
58 Magnork Gold Coins Antil Jan Tomb Researchers' Camp Old Gold Coins ×10 from Tomb Robbers 122,793
58 The Lost Kingdom Nicole Oliverra Tomb Researchers' Camp Old Handicraft Old Handicraft ×10 from Handicraft inside Alimus' Tomb 122,793
58 Graverobber's Punishment Nicole Oliverra Tomb Researchers' Camp Kill 10 Tomb Robbers 122,793
58 Get Rid of Even More Disgusting Insects Nanny Maria Ruin Researchers' Camp Sigg Lurker's Foreleg ×5 from Sigg Lurkers 122,793
58 More Clothes Lines Nanny Maria Ruin Researchers' Camp Common Vine ×5 from Wandering Vines 122,793
58 Even More Lavender Sprigs Nanny Maria Ruin Researchers' Camp Lavender Sprig Lavender Sprig ×5 from Man-eating Plants 122,793
58 Heartless Demons Dispirited Tom Warnorken Castle Bloodied Badge ×10 from Warnorken Soldiers 122,793
58 Redemption Dispirited Tom Warnorken Castle Burn 10 Victim's Corpses and defeat the Revenant of a Killed Person (if one rises) 122,793
58 Rescue Dispirited Tom Warnorken Castle Get Bloodstained Key from Warnorken Security Officers and rescue 10 Prisoners 122,793

Multi-Zone Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Regional Events[edit | edit source]

The Militia of Kandor have started to gather again.
They're waiting for their chance...

Titles[edit | edit source]

see Southern Janost Forest titles

Quests by POI[edit | edit source]

Arde Camp[edit | edit source]

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Raffy [Stargazer] • KukryDachacha Mantiswing

You must be at least level 57 to receive these quests
  1. [59] A Friendly Message - quest 1 of 3 in Quest Chain started in Southern Janost Forest quest series - Carry a message to Kukry in Northern Janost Forest at Angren
  2. The 2nd and 3rd quests are in the Northern Janost Forest quest series

Shador[edit | edit source]

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Jasmini Yell [Perfume Merchant]

George Vuitton [High-Class Leather Merchant]

Saleen Keenan [Poison Merchant]

Namoc Keyr

  1. [57] Unrequited Love - Talk to Felicia Attik
  2. [57] The Language of Flowers - Pick a Linguapectoris Linguapectoris for Felicia Attik, speak to her and return
  3. [57] Linguapectoris - Present the Petal of a Linguapectoris Petal of a Linguapectoris to Felicia Attik
  4. [57] Journey Preparations - Fetch four items for Namoc Keyr
  5. [57] Felicia's Gift - Talk to Felicia Attik

Watchtower Maintenance Worker - unlocked by completing Follow Firefly's Footsteps in the Return the Glory quest series

Acklorn[edit | edit source]

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These three quests are actually the fourth through seventh quests in a chain that starts at the Tomb Researchers' Camp
Acklorn ResidentOld Acklorn ChiefEllena [Ed Family Maid] (in Shador with Bell Ed [Survivor])

  1. [57] Painful Memories - Learn more Ed family history in Acklorn
  2. [57] Violent Truth - Talk to the town residents
  3. [57][Group] Blood Debt - Kill the World Boss Blind Hackman at Alimus' Tomb
  4. [57] Forgotten Memories - Read Bell's Notes Bell's Notes to learn more about Blind Hackman

Kandor[edit | edit source]


*Black Codex Merchants

Crafting Stations:

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Agnes Bojar [Provisoins Manager]

Skinny Villager

Pious Villager

Kandor Logging Camp[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

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Lorcus Laith [Timber Merchant]

Bulica Weir [Militia Captain]

Logan Kaedir [Overseer]

  1. [57] The Overseer's Special Equipment - Find three items in Misty Grove (Observation Diary, Temperature Gauge Stone Temperature Gauge Stone (from Misty Rh'anka Scout), and Eagle Eye Stone)
  2. [57] Inspection of the Woodlands - Protect Scott Jethro as he inspects Misty Grove

Woodcutting Foreman


Misty Grove[edit | edit source]

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Chupura Valley[edit | edit source]

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Warnorken Castle[edit | edit source]

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Warnorken Arena[edit | edit source]

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Warnorken Arena is an Instanced Dungeon.

Mofila von JuraOtis Pele

  1. [58] Warnorken Arena - Hide behind the cells and listen to the Warnorken Elite Guard
  2. [58] That Which Cannot be Seen - Allow Otis Pele to speak
  3. [58][Group] "Great Gladiator" Mukhan - Challenge Great Gladiator Mukhan
  4. [58] After the Expedition - Talk to Otis Pele
  5. [58] Deeply Hidden Secret - Observe the message that Otis Pele wants to give Mofila von Jura
  6. [58] Cremation, RIP - Use the Cremation Fire to incinerate Otis Pele's remains

Tomb Researchers' Camp[edit | edit source]

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unlocked by [58] The Promise in the Return the Glory quest series
Nica RobinsonAnkah JonesEllenaAcklorn ResidentOld Acklorn Chief

  1. [57] Tomb Robber - Get Alimus' Relics
  2. [57] Doubt - Get the Ancient Bracelet from Ankah Jones in Shador
  3. [57] A Family Heirloom - Find Bell Ed
  4. [57] Painful Memories - Learn more Ed family history in Acklorn
  5. [57] Violent Truth - Talk to the town residents
  6. [57][Group] Blood Debt - Kill Blind Hackman outside Alimus' Tomb
  7. [57] Forgotten Memories - Read Bell's Notes Bell's Notes

Ailic's Community Announcer - minimum level: 57

Antil Jan [Antiques Merchant] - unlocked after Urgent Venture from Morrock Wallinder

Nicole Olivarra [Ailic's Community] - unlocked after Urgent Venture from Morrock Wallinder

Ruin Researchers' Camp[edit | edit source]

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Maya Zealander [Ailic Botanist]

Nanny Maria [Ailic's Employee] - unlocked by completion of both Comparison Research Samples and Strange Wandering Plant

Benjamin Nork [Ailic Rune Scholar] (IF you possess a Mysterious Rune Stone Mysterious Rune Stone)

Nanyo Angelli [Ailic Historian] (IF you possess a Wyrm Bone Wyrm Bone)

Alimus' Tomb[edit | edit source]

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Ruins of the Magnork Kingdom[edit | edit source]

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  1. Ailic's Community Announcer (found in Silverspring, Thunderhoof Hills, Southern Janost Forest, and Northern Janost Forest)
    1. [60] Great Discovery - Find Hiran Boduel
  2. Hiran Boduel
    1. [60] Lost Document - Find Hiran's Research Notes
    2. [60] Respect the Ruins - Kill 10 Barbaric Marauders
    3. [60] Another Base] - Speak with Otto Sheeso
    4. [60][Group] Amboriar - Kill Amboriar and retrieve Parts of Amboriar

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