Open Flank

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Open Flank
Open Flank Skill war3-2.png
Warrior Primary only
Requires 10 rage Range 50
When the target is Vulnerable this brute force attack causes X% main hand weapon DPS to the target and Weakens it.
Class Warrior
Type Primary only
Type Offensive
School Physical
Cooldown None
Range 50
Area of Effect {{{aoe}}}
Other Information
Min. Level 2
Effect Type {{{effect}}}
Use Condition {{{condition}}}

Open Flank is one of the attack skills Warriors have access to. It is part of the powerful Probing Attack --> Open Flank --> Thunder combo.

Rank Table[edit | edit source]

Open Flank
Level Damage
0 110 %
5 143 %
10 176 %
15 209 %
20 242 %
25 275 %
30 308 %
35 341 %
40 374 %
45 407 %
50 440 %
55 473 %

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Open Flank is part of the standard combo for one-handed Warriors and Warriors using a two-handed hammer, as Slash --> Tactical Attack does not function without a two-handed axe or sword.

  • The Weaken debuff has no actual known effect outside of allowing the use of Thunder on the target.

  • The standard one-handed Warrior rotation consists of using Probing Attack --> Open Flank every four seconds and fitting in other abilities such as Thunder, Blood Dance, and Shadowstab during unused global cooldowns. Because of this, most one-handed Warriors consider it wise to keep Open Flank at max rank as it is guaranteed to be used before many other Warrior skills and because of the copious amount of damage dealt.