Snow Flame Seed

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Planting (Other)
Icon - Snow Flame Seed.png
Snow Flame Seed
Requires Planting skill 40
Attribute: Herbs
Cannot be sold
Precious seeds with a unique bright red color.

Optimum Irrigation: 85%
Optimum Fertilization: 85%
Grow Time: 24 hours
Snow Flame Flower Snow Flame Flower ×1

For more information, see Planting and Seeds. Quantities displayed for Products grown from this seed are the maximum possible (as reported by the "Planting Sheet" Android app and/or the PlantCare addon), not amount promised. Product names in bold-italic indicate bonus products only possible if your skill is at least 5 levels above that of the seed.

You can upload an image showing how this item appears in-game when used to File:Portrait - Snow Flame Seed.jpg. Please remember to crop the image to avoid as much UI and non-relevant game background as possible, and it should be in JPG format. You can override the default name and/or image format using the portraitname field of this template.

If you lose this seed, or fail to produce the needed Snow Flame Flower Snow Flame Flower, you can return to Nabul Fulan to "purchase" a new Snow Flame Seed Snow Flame Seed. The "cost" is Silver Ore Silver Ore ×10, Holly Wood Holly Wood ×10, and Barsaleaf Barsaleaf ×10.